7) Portable Water Purification for the Field, Home and Emergencies —

The Jul/Aug Mission Frontiers will include an article suggesting a new strategy for eradicating water-borne disease worldwide. For a preview, see




While preparing this article, two of the authors worked out a group discount for MF readers interested in Berkey® filters, and this has now been extended to Brigada readers. (Berkey® filters are effective both for biological pathogens, and for the Chlorine and other contaminants common in more developed areas.) (The manufacturer does not allow the amount of the group discount to be advertised, but they *did* tell us that Brigada will receive a 5% commission for each sale. Whoa.)


Each stand-alone, gravity-fed Berkey® filter …

* stops 99.999999% of bacteria, cysts and parasites,

* reduces viruses by at least 99.999%,

* removes the most common toxins in tap water,

* assembles easily (NO installation/maintenance),

* requires NO power, pressure, or chemicals,

* lasts years before needing replacement filters,

* costs less than $.02/gal for filters, and

* purifies fresh water from any source!


Learn more about Berkey filters at




To get details or share in this group discount (on counter-top filters and portable water filter bottles), email


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