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1) New Operation WorldView DVD Series —

What is the story above all stories? What does it mean, “The Kingdom strikes back?” What is the Romance of the universe? What is your destiny in God’s story? The newly-revised Operation WorldView DVD Series seeks to answer all that and more. It includes videos such as “Ee-Taow!” and “6 Ways to Reach God’s World.” Faithful to its roots (inspired by the Perspectives course), it focuses on Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic components. Through this course, you can learn the status and scope of Christian mission to the unevangelized world. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a copy of this new course. One could easily set this up as an 8-week study, with each study lasting roughly 60-75 minutes. In fact, I’m wondering — if a group was highly motivated, the group could probably do it in *4* sessions of 2 hours or so each. So you see, if you simply have to make it happen in a weekend, you could do 6:30 – 8:45pm on Friday, then set up Saturday as a marathon: 8-10, 10:15 – 12:15, 1-3:15, then 3:30 – 5:30. I’m going to try it and report back. Am I thinking like an American? :-)


Find out more at…




2) This Free Photography Course Book Might Help Your Pix —

Want to learn how to be a better photographer? How to tell stories with your pictures? … how to “see” through photos? … bump up your creativity? … get inspired? Now you can do all that and more with Scott Bourne’s “Essays on Inspiration, Creativity and Vision in Photography,” available as a PDF download at…




It’s 47 pages, packed full of beautiful photo examples of his teaching.

3) Bible Storying Training —

Experience 5 days of Bible storying in beautiful Orlando, Florida with Campus Crusade for Christ and then you’ll be able to train others. This trainers training October 10 – 14, 2011 is for individuals, churches, and mission agencies.  The workshop begins at 6pm on Monday and ends at noon on Friday.   The cost for on-site lodging, meals, materials, and airport ground transfers is $350 per person.  For details visit…



4) Easy Bibles are Moving on to Start Stage Three —

Now that more than 60 international church and Bible society leaders have accepted the need for easier to read Bibles at different reading levels, Martin is moving on to Stage Three. Stage One was coordinating EasyEnglish, which belongs to Wycliffe Associates, UK. Stage Two was mainly a prophetic ministry establishing the need for easy to read Bibles in other languages. This has now finished, but the team in North Wales will continue to print and post Biblical materials to teams doing the work.


Stage Three will involve in depth concentration on a few languages (mainly international languages) at the different ‘Spectrum of Reading Levels’ explained at



6) “The Unreached: Did You Know?” Video —

Challenge your Chinese-speaking brothers and sisters with the task remaining. “The Unreached: Did You Know?” video is now up on YouTube in simplified Chinese and traditional Mandarin. See the Simplified Chinese version:




or the Traditional Mandarin:




The original video is here in English:



Other languages already available include Spanish, Bahasa, Tagalog, Czech, Swedish, Maltese, German, and Afrikaans. If you want this great mobilization video in YOUR language, contact Claude at

claudeatactiveboxdotnet to find out if it’s already been done and if not, to get the translation grid.

7) Humanitarian Worker Wellness Inventory —

This checklist provides you with the means to gage your spiritual, social, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual and other wellness areas of your life. This is a really-cool resource that can help people be happier, healthier, and more effective cross-culturally.

Phil from MAF shared this tool with us. Get it here:




Thanks a million, Phil!

8) International School of Missions: Japan —

People from all nations can attend a 7-week International School of Missions which will be taught in English (with Japanese interpretation) in Japan, July 11 to Aug. 26. Guest Speakers from many nations will teach people of all ages (18 or older) on practical ways to make the Great Commission and the Great Commandment a life goal. Classes will be followed by opportunities to share the Good News locally. Part-time students are also accepted. Check out




or email


9) Preparing Leaders for Prayer Days and Short Retreats —

This retreat will be held at the White Oak Conference Center near Winnsboro, SC (close to Charlotte, NC) in September, 2011. The Full Session will be September 14-23, and the Short Session September 14-19. Dr. Andy and Mrs. Kate Ring (serving with The Seed Company) will be the lead facilitators, and Dr. Evelyn Davis (SIL International Training Consultant) will coordinate. Participants will experience a number of prayer and reflection topics, as well as work in a small group with a staff member, learning how to lead the topics for others. A $200 scholarship is provided for the Short Session (September 14-19), and a $300 scholarship for the Full Session (September 14-23). For the detailed information and application form, contact


12) The BackPage: Where do Volunteers Register their Willingness? —

I remember “back in the day,” our organization subscribed to listings from Intercristo, an agency that specialized in connecting willing volunteers with mission opportunities. Back in 2009, Intercristo merged with ChristianJobs.com. I’m not really sure that the latter agency fills the same niche that Intercristo used to provide. For example, last week we received this note from a Brigada participant: “I am an electrician who would like to use my skills to “help.” Is there a resource website for skilled trades in missions? I know a lot of co-workers with a similar desire. I would love to hear something about this in Brigada.” Actually, I think he has a good point. If you know of such a service, please use the “Comment” feature (below the web version of this item) and clue us in. We’ll review on the services and report about them in a future Brigada Today. Certainly, if we’re to be successful in connecting workers with opportunities, this is exactly the kind of site we would need.

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