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1) Germany Awaits Tentmakers Business As Mission People —

The Akademie für Weltmission in Korntal Germany is hosting the second annual tentmaking business as mission course October 31-November 3 2011. The focus of four intense days is on ministry development and cultural adaptation. All teaching is in English. Space is limited so please register early. For more information and the course outline check out this link




or contact Steinar directly at



(And thanks to Steinar for the gift to Brigada Today!)

2) Tentmaking Business As Mission Events, Fall 2011 —

Once again the team at Global Opportunities and TENT Norway are teaming up for events in California, Florida, Germany, Washington, Vancouver BC and Norway. Attendance at courses is hitting all time highs, with some late registrants being turned away due to limited class size. Their training focuses on developing critical ministry skills for both professionals and business people in challenging cultures. GO Research clearly shows that most professionals and business people seeking to build His kingdom in restricted nations lack the needed ministry skills to be effective in sharing their faith and in planting house churches. Let GO/TENT help you to develop your ministry plan by attending their events or contacting them directly via email. They’re on the web at…




or email them…


3) Emmanuel Christian Seminary to Offer Special Focus Institute —

Want to connect with the heart of God for the sake of unreached peoples and cities across the globe? Interested in learning how to join God in reaching those untold, unengaged peoples worldwide? Want to figure out how to live out Jesus-based convictions for your own nation and beyond? Then Emmanuel Christian Seminary, a graduate school located in Johnson City, Tennessee (USA), has just the thing for you. Learn more about a special April 19th, 2012, focus on “Mobilizing Your Congregation to Engage World Mission.” Guest instructors from Team Expansion will use elements of the Kairos curriculum to help participants discover what the Bible says about world mission, learn about the history of missions, cross-cultural communications for mission work, and strategies to finish the task. Get all the details at…



4) Global Mapping Offers “Breakthrough” Research Assistance —

Got a tough field? Interested in “cracking the nut” to develop a strategy that will work in your people group or city? Global Mapping International (GMI) just might be able to help — via their research offering entitled, “Breakthrough!.” They offer Email Coaching, week-long on-site seminars, and a book by the same title. Looks extremely interesting. Learn more at….




5) Need Fresh Water for your Village? Try Sawyer —

Check out Sawyer water filtration at…




The filter they offer reportedly cleans up to 500 gallons per day, offering a simple gravity design, easy maintenance, and easy use, all with a $60 filter. A slightly more expensive version ($100) also filters out viruses. With proper use, its designers say it’s good for one million gallons per filter. If you have experience with the Sawyer solution (I personally do not but Brigada participant, Andy, highly recommends it), please use the comment box below to give your impressions. (Thanks Andy!)

6) Opportunities with Dynamic Church Planting International —

“Find out what God is doing and join him,” writes Henry Blackaby in Experiencing God. God is working through Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) in amazing ways, training thousands of church planters each year all around the world.


If you are a retired missionary, a recent college graduate, or anywhere in-between, perhaps God is calling you to explore the possibilities of fulfilling His Great Commission through equipping nationals for church planting? With a God-sized vision for “equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches worldwide,” DCPI focuses on the United States and the world at




If you are interested in a possible staff position with DCPI you can find a description of available positions at



8) “Jesus in the Center” Seminar —

This year more than a dozen experienced MBBs from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait and beyond will participate in a “Jesus in the Center” seminar. The program includes plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops, simulations, testimonies, personal interaction and more. Organizers bill the program as, “Learn what it takes to reach Muslims for Christ!” The program runs Friday evening October 7 and all day Saturday October 8 at the Royal Heights Baptist Church, Surrey BC, Canada. (Near Vancouver) Learn more at…




9) Read Free Excerpts/Media re: “Global Member Care” Online Today —

Here’s a new book by Kelly O’Donnell, profiled for free on the web at…




There are even some brief excerpts there. Kelly wrote Brigada recently, commenting, “Each of the selected excerpts is like a special gate to help you enter further into the member care field: personal growth, worker adjustment, future directions, organisational health, dysfunction, ethics, human rights, etc.” See…


http://coremembercare.blogspot.com/search/label/Global MC



For my own part, I was particularly interested in seeing the free online training sessions by Kelly himself, on the web at…



13) The BackPage: How can a Utility Make such a Huge Difference? —

Shew. My life is renewed.

If you’re an Outlook user, you’re probably annoyed sometimes by the fact that the “autocomplete” email address feature just plain-out doesn’t behave predictably. You type in “Greta” or “Melanie” (without the quotes, of course) to write a couple of your co-workers and they don’t show up. You know they’re in there somewhere, so you check your “Filed” emails. You discover that their emails will only show up if you enter the first initial of their *last* name. Haunted. Over time, you kind of memorize which of your friends show up when you type “Lucas” and which ones need “Doug.” And then there are the addresses that start with various marks like, “<” or the single ‘ apostrophe or the quotation mark “. I’m telling you, it’s almost enough to make you switch to something on a Mac (if it weren’t for the fact that when it works, it works great!). (And notice I said, “Almost.” :-) )


Finally, an end to the madness.


NK2Edit is a utility that lets you edit the autocomplete file (something Outlook completely forgot). You can clear up confusion, type in what you *wish* would have been there, delete, or even add entries. Learn more at…




Download it here:




The program is NK2Edit. There’s no Trojan included and it’s completely free for personal or non-profit use forever. No annual payment. No spam. No malware.


Note the caveats:

*** You have to make sure Outlook isn’t running before you hit “save”. See, for example,…




*** You will probably want to edit the “Display name” only. The other fields won’t help you.


Relief to the madness. :-)


Now here’s the final conclusion: Why are we humans wired in such a way that, sometimes, finding a little utility like that seems to act as a pressure relief valve, tapping into a “relief” we didn’t know we needed? What *causes* us to be bothered by something so small, … and how can something so simple cause us to be so rescued? If you have answers — or if you can identify — please comment below. Maybe we can figure out the human race here, sooner or later. :-)



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