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1) A Spanish school for missionaries and crosscultural Christians —

Located on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, far from any drug cartel activity or violence, the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School uses a culturally integrative approach to language learning. Missionary linguists assure us that you can’t fully learn another people’s language without also understanding their culture. The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School agrees, and includes into its already integrative and missionary minded curriculum several “culture days” which feature information and insights into various aspects of the surrounding cultures, and on Latin America in general. In most sessions the students also participate in indigenous mountain village medical brigades, helping the medical teams and/or doing children’s outreaches in these genuinely needy areas. Also, all of your tuition, after salaries for teachers and course materials, goes directly into the evangelization and medical work among the region’s indigenous peoples.


is where to look for lots more information. New sessions for all levels start every two months. And they’re always ready to answer whatever question, concern, or need for clarity that you might have through their contact page or at rocablancaspanishathotmaildotcom. Take a good look if Spanish and a heart for Spanish speakers are in your future! (Thanks to Roca Blanca for supporting Brigada, too!)

2) Living under pressure? This book will help —

Now you can purchase a book, useful for member care, discipleship and personal growth, containing biblical lessons learned in 30 years of outreach in a tough Muslim context. The book, “Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period!” includes chapters on spiritual warfare (from a bit different perspective), transforming worship, how to be more than a victor by letting go, holding on and rising above, four types of faith, confessing in layers, journaling, discerning motives, nurturing our first love for Jesus and meditation, among others.      It is both biblical and very practical with lots of real life illustrations. The book is available in both paperback and e-book (Kindle, Epub and PDF formats) from…


The author will contribute $1 to Brigada for each book bought by Brigada readers from the above website. (In fact, he already sent a gift in advance to help along the cause. Thanks!)

3) New Book Can Help You Understand Iraq, the Challenges & Future —

“IRAQ, Cradle of Errors” reveals the effects of current leadership models in a post-Saddam Iraq and what we can expect next. Dr. Smith conducted field research in Iraq spanning 5 1/2 years. It is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the Iraqi perspective of their government. Find it at…


(Thanks to the author, who has pledged love gifts to Brigada as books are purchased!)

4) Evangelical Mission Associations Announce Merger —

On October 1, the memberships of CrossGlobal Link (formerly IFMA) and The Mission Exchange (formerly EFMA) agreed to merge, forming a body representative of 35,000 evangelical missionaries deployed in every country by more than 190 agencies and churches in North America. The new name and brand of the two merged associations is expected to be revealed by the end of the year.


6) Underfunded faith missionaries can be a thing of the past —

A missionary recently wrote, “Two new partners last week! We have really enjoyed meeting with individuals using what we have learned at Kingdom Come Training…” The goal of Kingdom Come Training is to prepare faith ministry workers with effective training in partnership ministry and then coach them to full funding within a few weeks or months.  The initial training is done in their own location over live, interactive videoconferencing and the weekly coaching and accountability over Skype. Check out their website:


or contact


7) Christian Adoption Agency Specializing in Expatriate Adoptions —

Small World Adoption is a Hague accredited, non-profit public benefit Christian charity that specializes in helping Americans living abroad bring children into their home through the blessing of adoption. With the help of its experienced staff, Small World can help families navigate the adoption process and the unique challenges they may face while living outside the US. If you are living overseas and are interested in adoption visit the expat site of Small World at…

8) Coaching Training for Mission Movements —

Change happens one conversation at a time! Join more than 575 leaders who have taken the 60-hour Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program, a unique training for mission leaders integrating Biblical values, professional coaching skills, and cross-cultural ministry. Learn in-person and by telephone. Upcoming programs: China, Malaga, Singapore, Seattle, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and NY. Save up to US$450 by registering early. Go to


for details. Or email



11) We get Support from… —

We’re grateful for a $75 gift from Roca Blanca, a Spanish language learning school in Mexico, on the web at…


and a $22.20 gift from 911water, with practical water filters that make your water safe to drink, on the web at…


and a $30 donation from GoInternational, with videos, “lessons learned” and much more, on the web at…


and a $20 gift from the source of a new book, “Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period!” with info spiritual warfare transforming worship, testimonies, and more, on the web at…

12) The BackPage: Using an SD card in that camera or slate of yours? —

I do. My slate has an internal solid state hard drive, but it only holds 64 gig. So I’ve been using a 32 gig SD card (as a “D:” drive) for my “data” hard drive and the original hard disk for my executables — the “C:” drive, as it were. But the other day, our I.T. guy pointed out that SD cards have a known life-span. Granted it’s somewhere around 1 million writes — but think about it. That’s not one million writes for one pixel. That’s one million for the card as a whole — so, seeing as how the boot sector gets addressed all the time — Yikes.

Bottom line: Join me in backing up *often*.

Line *under* the bottom line: If your (or my) SD card gets hosed, here are some products that might help you (us) recover data. All are Win/Mac compatible.


Photorecovery: There’s a demo version at


or purchase at US$39.95. Windows 2000 or higher.


SanDisk RescuePro: at


Trial version. Price: US$40. Windows and Mac OSX.


File Rescue Plus: at


Free demo. Price: US$29.95. Windows Vista, XP etc.


PhotoRescue: at


Trial version. Price: US$29. Windows and Mac OSX.


ImageRecall 2: at


demo version or US$39.95. Windows.


MediaRECOVER: at


Demo version. Price: US$29.95. Windows and Mac OSX.


Read more:


These and more came courtesy


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1) Now you can purchase Operation World Profiles “One-up” —

Now you can purchase the full profile of any individual country or region from Jason Mandryk’s Operation World 7th Edition for a minimal fee. These Operation World Profiles provide you Vital information about the country or region’s geography, peoples, economy, politics, religion, Prayer Requests and Challenges for Prayer for the country or region, and Insightful charts, tables, and a map of the country or region. Downloadable Operation World Profiles are in PDF format. Learn more or see free samples on Peru at…


2) Follow the “Call 2 all” —

Call2All is a partnership of hundreds of international organizations, all working to complete the Great Commission in our generation. A Global Congress will be running November 29 – December 4, 2011 at the Long Beach, Convention Center. The world’s foremost media based ministries have come together to create a dynamic “Media for Missions Track” that will run every day of the congress. On Saturday, December 4th the “Media Track” will culminate in a ‘Cross-cultural Film Production Training Seminar’ from 9am-12 noon also at the Long Beach Convention Center. Register today at:


For more information contact Calvin or Carol, Create International,


3) Learn How to Make Maps at This Training in Kona, Hawaii —

One of the greatest aspects of maps is that they tell us a story about various details of the world.  They tell the stories of people in a visual and accurate way. Making maps allows others the ability to strategize, analyze, and mobilize with the information on the map you have made. The objective of this 12 week course is to train Christian workers to have an extensive understanding of what a map is, how they are created, how to make maps for any type of ministry, and how maps can have a role in transforming nations.  In this course, students will learn both the technical and conceptual skills needed for being a great cartographer, as well as teach the ability to go and train others how to use mapping as a strategic tool. The dates of the school are April 5- June 27, 2012 and will take place at YWAM’s University of the Nations campus in Kona, HI. Follow this link for the full details and to apply:


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4) Breakthrough!: Field Research for Kingdom Gain —

I’m loving my study of the book by Stan Nussbaum, entitled, “Breakthrough: Prayerful Productive Field Research in Your Place of Ministry” (published by GMI). In this 2nd edition, Nussbaum outlines how to get into position for insight, frame your concern, brainstorm and guess, get strategy right, prepare great questions, hunt & gather, draws insights from information, convert all the above into conclusions and recommendations, take inspired action, and watch God’s glory break through. You can learn more at…


Stan and company will even come and help you “live and in person” on sight. This is a great idea for workers that are having trouble adapting, but didn’t want to admit it. Hats off to GMI for creative problem-solving, which has generated a new realm of information-sharing.

5) CNMM Biennial Conference —

The Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims is hosting a national conference for workers and interested persons in Toronto October 2012.


The theme is, “here for a purpose”. Mobilization of churches and workers for witness is our goal.  Overseas workers, encourage your Canadian partners to attend! The CNMM operates on the ministry platform of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.


For more info, you can also email…


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