2) Language learners and teachers – Here’s a good tip! —

Brigada participant, Belinda, wrote recently, “I’ve been working in missions for close to 30 years and a man I used to work with (YWAM in Holland) was really gifted with learning languages. I was astounded at how easily he picked up the Dutch language and as far as I know he already spoke French fluently (and flawlessly!).  We took a mission band to give evangelistic concerts in Austria, Switzerland and I forget where else, but this man suddenly would “meld” into the public because he could communicate.  Amazing! David Durham blogs and wrote a book about language learning keys.  He doesn’t just give you easy answers, he expresses the heart of learning the culture of another language – and that is big take-home value even if you never “master” but only enter another language.”


Check it out at:




She continued, “You can subscribe to his blog or download a free sample to give you an idea. Those of us who minister in languages other than our own are sure to benefit from his book.  I proof-read the manuscript and felt privileged that he asked because I only speak one other language fluently and am trying to gain some ground in three others. His approach gives you the basic tools and the heart of the mission of learning another language.  You’ll read it, benefit from it and pass it on to your friends.”


I went there and, indeed, the guy looks to be the real deal. Worth the read. Thanks Belinda!!!

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