5) How to Share One’s Faith with a Buddhist? —

Those that have gone through “Bridges” know how it can help one learn to share one’s faith with a Muslim, but  — is there a “bridges” for Buddhism? A friend of mine is asking where are the resources for learning to share with them? If you have a tip or a resource, please use the Comment box associated with the web version of this item to fill us all in! Thanks in advance for any leads.

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  1. David R. King Reply

    I am serving in Bangkok, Thailand at present and was a missionary here from 1984 – 1992. For what it’s worth: One of the approaches that I am learning to use to open up conversations with Buddhists “who ask [me] to give the reason for the hope that I have” is to talk about the Gospel using Buddhist practice and teaching. Just as Jesus is sacrificial Lamb (contextual Jewish theology) offered by God for salvation, so Jesus is the “boon” (the merit or grace) of God offered on our behalf. Buddhists in Thailand “tum boon” or “make merit” through different acts of good that balance their bad or sinful acts. Jesus (our”tsidkenu” righteousness) has made merit or “tum boon” for us before God so that no more good works are required to gain God’s approval. This gets the attention of those who have spent a lifetime seeking to be approved and to balance the sin in their lives with good works. It doesn’t lead to immediate conversion necessarily, but it piques interest enough to have a meaningful conversation about the Gospel of Jesus and to continue in a trusted relationship that can lead to faith.

  2. Karen Stoufer Reply

    Best resource I know is the book, Sharing Christ in the Tibetan Buddhist world by Markku Tsering, AND the courses offered by experienced individuals. Can someone post a link for that that is publically available?

  3. Marti Smith Reply

    Alex Smith from OMF has written a little book called A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism. It’s not a whole course, like Bridges, but seems well done. OMF distributes other resources about Buddhism and Buddhists, too. In the US, see http://www.omfbooks.com/c-26-buddhism.aspx

  4. Judy Russell Reply

    Contact Dr. David Lim, based in Manila, Philippines cmiphil53atyahoodotcom

  5. Alan R. Johnson Reply

    I spent about 45 minutes crafting out a response and copying stuff in here last night and then foolishly did not copy it into a word doc. and then when I hit submit the captcha thing messed up and I lost it all….

    So this will be a much shorter version.

    1. First on resources…there is a network called SEANET that focuses on the B world. David Lim and Alex Smith mentioned above are a part of this. SEANET now has 8 volumes published on ministry in the B world with William Carey Library and these can be purchased at http://www.missionbooks.org.

    For more information about SEANET and their annual meetings contact Steve Spaulding stevespauldingatOCIdotorg

    I have worked in conjunction with SEANET on providing training for ministry to people in B worldview. For SEANET I developed a document on resources and ministries for training that I can send if you email me at arjthailandatgmaildotcom

    A book that may be helpful is
    Thirumalai, Madasamy. 2003. Sharing your faith with a Buddhist. Minneapolis, MN: BethanyHouse.

    2. On “bridges” for B people…due to the great variety inside of B itself it is not a straightforward issue. It depends on the stream of B, country and kind of practice, language, whether a person is really seeking liberation from the cycle of rebirth or just accumulating merit for a better next life, what kind of folk Buddhist practices they are involved in, issues of identity in their culture and so on. Although of these considerations influence our approach.

    3. So there is no “silver bullet” or “one right way”. There are some things that are important generically such as:
    developing loving relationships with people so they can hear good news in word and deed, sharing content of the gospel over time and letting people assess it, praying with and for people to experience the power of Christ in their life for needs they have, letting them experience the community of believers to overhear testimonies of God’s grace and see changed lives, helping them to work through the social implications of their decision, connecting with family units and social networks from the very beginning rather than simply harvesting an individual and thus setting their network against them.

    4. I am working at setting out some of these ideas into a more organized fashion in a single document (they are currently spread through several kinds of presentations) and can also email that out if you write me at arjthailandatgmaildotcom

  6. Rev. Michael Gin Sian Kai Reply

    Kindly help me how to share a Buddhists about Christ.


  7. Deborah Reply

    in Nov/Dec. 2014 Mission Frontiers magazine will have an issue about the Buddhist world, how to reach them, what God is doing, breakthroughs and barriers. http://www.missionfrontiers.org

  8. Josh Badal Reply

    Chris and Marie Bauer served as missionaries in Thailand for a period of times. They have a blog that has a few articles on this topic. https://chrisandmariebauer.wordpress.com/

  9. Marti Wade Reply

    Check out the resources listed in this email just out from William Carey Library:

    Taking the Gospel to Buddhist Peoples

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