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1) Johnstone’s “Future of the Global Church” Can Be Yours! —

If you have a coffee table, Johnstone’s new book, The Future of the Global Church, should be on it. In his typical excellent way, that only Patrick can write, he deals with 20 centuries of church history in one chapter (worth the price of the book by itself). And the chapter on “Nine Global Challenges” could develop into an entire semester-long course, by the same title. But then, so could the chapter on major world religions, “The Unevangelized,” and “Church Missions and the Future.” You can get the book as a PDF, so it won’t take up any space on your shelves! But the printed version is one-of-a-kind. Use the website below, which will provide the printed version or a PDF at reduced prices:

2) Bridges Course, Connecting Christians with Muslims —

Where have I been? How is it possible that might never have seen this course until now? Packaged in a cool binder, it includes 2 DVD’s, a companion study book, Leader’s notes, and a wealth of knowledge! It features Middle-Eastern-born Fouad Masri, the founder of Crescent Project, leading discussions, showing videos, teaching a whole course on this stuff. The sessions are made more interesting in that we’re not just watching a talking head for 45 minutes. There are small groups, one-on-one testimonies, and lots of cool topics… like “Islam Rising,” “Belief and Ritual,” and much more. You can even get the entire version in Spanish!!! Learn more at…

where you can also research ministry opportunities, workshops, and more. Great job, Fouad! :-)

3) Are you watching for the sale of these new Ultrabooks? —

We like the Toshiba z830, but there are several similar models from which to choose! Either way, they’re lighter than air, packed with powerful new processing power to spare. The build quality seems great — and it’s the kind of thing you don’t mind carrying from an office to the conference room or on the flight or across town. In the USA, Best Buy has units starting at $800! Think Mac Book Air but running Windows.

4) Esl Resources On DVD —

‘The Hope’ ESL version 3 includes extensive beginners’, intermediate and advanced sections, users’ handbook, updates and has instructions in English, Mandarin and Indonesian. To purchase the ‘The Hope ESL” version 3 DVD ROM, it is available from the following link:


(That link might wrap. If you have trouble reassembling it, just go to the link below, immediately following this item, then use the link we place there.)


To download for free click on: (800MB ZIP file)

If you live in the USA or South America it may be cheaper to purchase version 3 from Mars Hill at:

6) The Future of the Global Church —

As mentioned above, GMI, Biblica and Authentic Media are partnering with Patrick Johnstone to launch his incredible new book, The Future of the Global Church. Johnstone, author of six editions of the phenomenal prayer guide, Operation World, draws on his fifty years’ experience to challenge us with his bold vision for the global Church. This 256-page, full-color, graphical and textual overview of the history, present and possible future of the Church around the world focuses on the unfinished task of world evangelization. It comes in hardback and as an eBook. Learn more at:


While you’re there, share a word about your own vision for the future of the global Church at:

7) Calling All Medical Professionals And Educators —

PNHI is offering Medical Professionals and Educators to join the work in Peru during the summer of 2012 to work with, teach, and train Peruvian Medical Professionals and Educators. It’ll be known as a “Rendezvous in Peru.” If you are interested please email your contact information no later than the end of January 2012. The Director of Rendezvous, Eric Malave, will work with you to make all your arrangements easy and painless. Please share this exciting opportunity with all you know in either of these fields.  Write


You’ll be glad you did!

8) Learn About Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in Arizona —

Project New Hope International will be hosting a CHE Visions Seminar at Christ’s Church of the Valley, Phoenix, AZ, January 5-6 (Thursday and Friday).  This seminar will be an introduction to the CHE program, and is an abbreviated version of the week-long Training of Trainers (TOT) seminar. CHE Visions is designed to give people unfamiliar with the program an introduction to what CHE is all about. PNHI will host another TOT session in the near future to fully train these people. The trainer is from LifeWind, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on CHE. It will occur 9-12 am and 1-4 pm both days for a cost of $75. (Lunch will be provided at an additional charge.) You can pay at the door with a check or cash, with checks being made payable to Team Expansion. You’ll need to register and provide a list of names at least 1 week before the seminar. For more info or to register, write



9) King Of Glory: Chronological, Illustrated Book for All Ages —

Just off the press! KING OF GLORY – The Story & Message of the Prophets condensed into 70 Scenes. This National-Geographic-size, magnificently illustrated book uses Jesus’ Luke 24:27 chronological approach to clear up the confusion and lead truth seekers into a clear understanding of the gospel. Simple but not superficial, this is a tool for reaching audiences of all ages. Like all ROCK International’s Resources by P.D. Bramsen (THE WAY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS radio series, ONE GOD ONE MESSAGE book, YOUR STORY booklet), while KING OF GLORY is written for Muslims, it also clearly communicates the gospel to people of other worldviews. Check it out:


Buy from Amazon:


(Note: That link will wrap. If you have trouble reassembling it, hit the Brigada website using the link immediately below.)


Also see the YouTube Video:


10) Hats off to these donors… —

Thanks to the Brigada participant in Ohio, who gave $100 to empower Brigada forward around the world. We appreciate you!!! Another donor from California gave $25. The latter gift comes from a family with a long history with Brigada. Seems fitting that we should mention — it would do these donors well if you could stop by the webpage at …


Look around there. Catch their vision.

11) The BackPage: A Personal Appeal from Doug Lucas —

When we began 2011, we decided to take a different approach this year for our fundraising. Here’s the BackPage editorial from January 2nd, 2011:

Our Gamble — the Fundraising Strategy for 2011 —

Each year, we notice that many… maybe *most* givers decide to pitch into Brigada at the end of the year. We’re not sure why that happens but we observe it. Maybe it’s because of the spirit of giving in the Christmas season, I don’t know. Either way, we also notice that there is also a very small contingent who used to be annoyed that we asked for funding for Brigada. Of course, many of them have run their course and perhaps stopped generating the purely volunteer ministries that they were staging. But Brigada, in part because we can hire some secretarial muscle with these funds (not a full-time secretary, mind you) and because we operate lean and can keep the bills paid — well, we’re still around. Yes, sometimes we get behind, but somehow, maybe partly because of the debt we feel to those who pitch in, we keep doing this… from one midnight to the other.


So for 2011, whether for good or for bad, we’re going to roll the dice and try a different gamble: We’ll work week after week throughout the year and never mention finances until November & December. In those final weeks of the year, we’ll ask you to take part… to participate in making Brigada happen again for another year. It’s a gamble. Maybe nobody will give? But we’ll give it a try and see what happens. And we’ll pray. Please join us.


Doug Lucas

Brigada Founder/Editor

[end of excerpt]


So — here we are. … and here’s your chance to pitch in. If you like the idea of Brigada, if you’d like to keep the fire burning, if you’d like to assist with the partial secretarial help we try to muster each year, if you’d like to help spur us on through the end of the year and get us started in 2012 in the black, if you feel there is a place for a Brigada Today — then please send a generous donation (or ask your church to do so today). Only the month of December remains. Would you help cover the cost for someone who can’t?

1) Get Long-term Insurance Plus Life-time Health Coverage —

A long-term insurance plan for career workers that will provide life-time health coverage in the USA and/or overseas is now available.  One requirement – during the first year of coverage you must spend at least three months outside the USA.  The plan meets all USA health insurance mandates.  It is a joint project of a great American based international health insurance company and Blue Cross.  For more information contact


jeffatgninsurancedotcom or call

480/813-9100. You can also call toll free in USA to 866/636-9100. (Hats off to Jeff for the $60 gift he sent to undergird the global ministry of Brigada!)

2) How strong is your language? —

Our world is changing rapidly. Previously untouched groups now have cell phones and even Internet. This is changing what languages people speak, and what language(s) may be most effective for ministry. Is the language situation shifting where you work? Are you interested in learning more about language vitality? Visit


to gain some basic tools for thinking about and defining language vitality. As a bonus, if your focus is Indonesia or Malaysia, you can see what your favorite language is currently rated, and even give feedback if you think the rating is incorrect. (Thanks to this ministry for the $60 gift for Brigada!)

3) Mama Shekinah Now Available in 8 Languages —

Mama Shekinah is a powerful documentary of love, trauma, and forgiveness. Sixty minutes long and shot in HD, it tells the story of Hedwig, hell deep in spiritual perfectionism, and Colin, hell deep in drugs, pimping and perversion. They are healed, fall in love, marry, and are attacked by children from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Sudan. Colin is killed, and Hedi returns to express forgiveness and live with former child soldiers. This stunning story is now available in Farsi, Romanian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Kisyarwanda, Indonesian, and English.


(Thanks to Fawn for the tip, even though she does indeed give away the end of the movie! :-) Also, she gave away $25 to Brigada for publishing this! That’s the *only* way I could justify this plot-spoiler. :-) )

4) Searching for Christian I.T. Professionals —

There are positions open for Site Lead in West Africa for a US Technology company. The candidate(s) should have at least 5 years experience in both Microsoft and Apple operating systems, firewalls, shell scripting, website administration, wireless technology, router and router support, and more. The ideal candidate(s) would also possess an ability to write proposals segments relating to technology, be able to meet and greet customers, make site visits, develop scopes of work, and work with the users directly. Management skills are also helpful as the candidate would be able to manage a small office and local staff.


The positions are permanent full time, and in West Africa. Compensation includes a base salary, housing and travel to and from the country of work effort, house allowance for meals and life support items (laundry etc),a car and driver locally, bonuses, international major medical insurance, and other compensation items. Positions are open immediately. Send resumes to



Please include references and experience – citing at least 5 years experience as described above, references (a minimum of 3), and a digital photo of yourself. Please include any pastoral or church references in addition to the 3 professional/technical references.

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