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  1. Bev Caruso Reply

    Youth With A Mission has training centers all over Central and South America (as welll as most of the rest of the world). They can accommodate multi-languages. Check out http://www.ywam.org. Enjoy exploring all the training options and locations.

  2. CW Reply

    I would concur with Bev Caruso above but would direct them to the websites of http://www.uofn.edu which presents the many courses available with a better description. the ywam.org site focuses mainly on the entry level DTS which is excellent, but the more advanced courses of leadership development, church planting, and addictive behavior counseling are listed in courses in UofN. Also, there is a great YWAM church planting coach site at cpcoaches.com. Finally, depending on which country and bilingual pair the worker has he should check out specific courses in missions in Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

  3. david armstrong Reply

    The Equipo SEPAL team in Guatemala City would be a great place to start. (www.sepal.org) Talk with Hector Pivaral (hectorpivaralatsepaldotorg) about the PEB Training program they do with church leaders. They can give you referrals as well. If the person speaks Quiche, see Isaias ColopXec outside of Xela ColopXecataoldotcom He has a wonderful training program with Quiche leaders.

  4. Allan Lee Reply

    I would suggest looking into the training options specifically focused on ministering in oral cultures, for example, chronological Bible storying. Look for some leads at http://oralbible.com. Also, it would be good to check out http://www.scriptureearth.org to see if this person is aware of any and all Scripture resources available in their native language. I find the vernacular mp3 recordings to be extremely helpful in my work among native peoples of Mexico. Having the Scriptures in the heart language in a format the people can readily access is foundational to whatever method this person ends up using.

  5. Matt Castagna Reply

    WEC has a great training course in SOuthern Mexico.

  6. Ian Benson Reply

    You can search the Evangelical Training Directory at http://www.etdi.org under Missions and Evangelism.

  7. Mark Hooper Reply

    The Baxter Institute in Tegucigalpa, Honduras is a possibility. They are in cooperation with Continent of Great Cities ministry. See http://www.greatcities.org & http://www.baxterinstitute.edu for more information.

  8. Brian Reply

    Church Planting Resource Directory

  9. COMIBAM Reply

    CECAM, in Guatemala.

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