2) Organizers of Internet Evangelism Day (29 April) Seek Input —

The organizers of Internet Evanglism Day are seeking your input. In your opinion, what would most help individual Christians or churches to investigate or use the growing opportunities for online evangelism? What do you think holds people back from considering these options? And do you have stories of digital evangelism that might inspire and encourage others? If so, please share your feedback at…



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  1. Pray4Tunisia Reply

    I’m wondering if our experience w/ prayer might be relevant.

    Don’t get us wrong… we’re super grateful for the thousands of English speakers who have signed up for and prayed with Pray4Tunisia, but it sure seems like it’s a lot easier to get momentum and generate activity in the Spanish speaking world.

    Check out the contrast in the # of Fan Page “Likes” and the average # of “Likes” on any give wall post:

    Perhaps it’s true that the English world is financially rich and time poor?

    If so, and if you’re asking about how to help the Church (big “C” church) then maybe the answer is to focus on empowering the non-English speaking world. They may be more available and I suspect at least as motivated.

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