3) Best iPhone Outliner —

What’s your best or favorite outline program no the iPhone so far? I’m loving Carbonfin Outline. In the first place, their iPhone app just works. Quick, elegant, yet plenty talented. It’s got most all the right stuff — endless indenting, numbering, attaching a note to each outline entry, and more. What’s more, hit a button and your iPhone outline is now synced to a free web-based outliner (free if you’ve purchased the iPhone app, that is) — that actually works! You can import and export to several formats, including the new and popular OPML — which will let you transfer the program into lots of other outline languages. We’re also *loving* the online Checkvist.com outliner which is all but free and lets you go a step farther by attaching tags, dates, goal-owners and more — but, alas, there’s no iPhone app, per se, although Checkvist’s outliners look great when viewed using a mobile device. It was *fantastic* for doing our annual goal-setting, especially because it’s real-time unlimited multi-user. And with two-way OPML importing and exporting, you can at least take the Checkvist outline with you using Carbonfin Outliner. Check them out as a duo. It won’t set you back much — and the payout is huge.

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  1. Ed Reply

    Note that Carbonfin comes in two separate versions: iPad and iPhone/iPodTouch. So you have to pay $5 for each version if you want to use it on both devices.

  2. Editor Reply

    Thanks for the clarification, Ed.

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