5) Great (iPhone) Connector-app for Evernote: FastEver —

We reviewed, earlier, Evernote. Sorry if we gushed, but it’s a great app. Now, if you can believe it, you can make it even better by using “FastEver,” an app also available in the appstore. FastEver is perfect for the times that you’re trying to make an Evernote entry on the fly. If you’re trying to save crucial seconds, making an Evernote entry in an instant, FastEver will take the information for you, then update Evernote later, when you have more time. So, to send an item to Evernote, now you really don’t even need connectivity at all.

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  1. Lloyd Colston Reply

    If space is a premium for your device, consider YouVersion Bible.

    There’s a note component to it and you’ll need a Bible anyway.


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