7) What’s Your Favorite (iPhone) Free Music App —

If you have a connection to the internet, Pandora is awesome. And now, via the iPhone app, even if you *don’t* have Wi-Fi, you can still enjoy great music from Pandora, just using the iPhone app alone. It’s quite remarkable, actually. Who knew a cell phone band could carry so much fidelity!? So what’s *your* favorite music app and why?

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  1. Mike Klausmeier Reply

    Of course, if you are overseas from the USA, you will not be able to use Pandora as the music is only licensed for the US.

  2. Ed Kearn Reply

    simple… manual… but using a simple App called “Files”–free,…

    This simple file app acts like a Windows file manager, allowing any type file transfer to/from the i-device. I simply upload my own MP3s, ones I enjoy listening to, and then later launch the app, select a song, and it plays. I then have to select another… so probably there are better automated players!!

    Can create folders and separate like items.

    200mb capacity for the free app–Files v.1.9.6

    But you may find other uses… no software needed for PC, simply enter IP address in browser.

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