7) How do you Remember Random Stuff? Springpad? …Evernote? —

Or maybe you just write it all down. The trouble is — how do we store all those random bits of information we learn — and how do we find that info, once we need it again, after years have passed. You know the type… the random facts about the unreached people group in Mali, the quote from the sermon last year, the list of prayer requests for Tunisia, your favorite hotel in Paris, the to-do list to help stage a prayer meeting for Libya — where do we store all this info?


First, evaluate Evernote. Maybe Evernote is a better option.




It promises better security, more platform options, and an offline application for your PC and/or iPhone.


But I’ll be honest: I *want* to like Springpad. See it at…




I don’t know if it’s just . . . a more attractive interface, or what. Maybe it’s because their iPhone app just seems cooler. :-) Trouble is – for now, for our purposes, it seems severely limited because it doesn’t offer the option of securing a page for one person or group at a time. Note that if you use https: for log-in and for the first (secure sockets) setting, it now “sticks” in my browser… meaning that the site is finally (apparently) secure sockets. However, the chatter indicates that they hope to start offering some kind of security feature by the end of January. So let’s keep my eye on it. They have a nice iPhone app. But — until they get secure, is this an option we should snub?

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  1. Kyle Reply

    My favorite one for this is mac centered – so it excludes some. However, for Mac people, Yojimbo is an indispensable application for all sorts of little things you think you might want someday, but don’t know where to place. It supports tagging, multiple inputs and its based on standards – so you can always get your stuff out of it at a later time since they don’t use a proprietary format. It’s a lot better than evernote, but it’s not cross-platform.

  2. Les Norman Reply

    I find Evernote to be brilliant but the IPad interface is big, slow and clumsy for me. Springpad is neater and faster but just the sight of all the Friends Stuff tells me that anything I put on Springpad runs the risk of being seen by ‘Friends’ I have never heard off. I know there are control settings but who can trust these things? I like Writer and PlainText apps for the IPad, very simple, clean and fast for text notes. Waiting for a better Evernote interface.

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