6) The Community Health Evangelists (CHE’s) —

The Community Health Evangelism volunteer is the major worker in the program and is chosen by the committee. Adequate attention to their ministry will require about six to eight hours a week. As they are being trained they will:


*** Put into practice what they have learned around their home and with their family; modeling what they have learned.


*** Promote good health, prevent disease, and model abundant Christian life with their neighbors.


*** Practice evangelism and discipleship with individuals and groups.


*** Do home-visiting on a regular basis, sharing the spiritual and physical truths they have learned.


*** Teach in a way that will help others to become teachers.

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  1. Pastor Kodjo VIVI Reply

    Thanks for all you are doing for the glory of our Lord Jesus.
    Please I want to know if this ministry (CHE’s) is present in the Country Togo and how can we contact them. Thanks. Pastor Kodjo VIVI

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