11) How To Integrate The Physical And Spiritual —

CHE workers have found that it is one thing to see the importance of a program that integrates both physical and spiritual truths, but it is another matter to implement such a combination. The integration of spiritual truth into a physical outreach is a way of thinking, which must be constantly reinforced.


It is therefore important to spend as much time on evangelism and discipleship as on physical subjects. One-half of the class time is spent on physical teaching and the other half on spiritual teaching. The danger is that CHEs may spend all their time meeting physical needs, which are highly visible, to the exclusion of meeting spiritual needs.


The trainers must be good models of an integrated ministry by teaching both physical and spiritual topics. They should expect the CHE will do the same and not specialize in a specific area.


To be effective, CHE training must focus on spiritual integration and actively address worldviews which prevent physical, emotional, and mental changes. Physical change without spiritual change is not long-lasting. As we see spiritual changes taking place, excitement and momentum grow.

2 Responses to 11) How To Integrate The Physical And Spiritual —
  1. Jim Reply

    This step is so important. It has been my observation that there is a lot of good being done, and much of it by Christians, but the Gospel is never apart of the process. It is so important that the Gospel ministry be as important in the process as the Physical outreach.

  2. Mert Hershberger Reply

    Whether Yemen or former Yugoslavia, developping nations need to integrate the Spiritual aspect of life into “Real” daily life. The failure of the Western Church to do this is why there has been much development in the west, but the church is declining at the same time. Integrating the Preaching of the cross with the Mending of tissues is crucial. Talking about the church should also be tied to family relationships, too often we are secular in the west where people are treated by specialists, rather than having a holistic approach which integrates the Spirit into all of life. Pray without ceasing, give thanks in everything.

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