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1) Online Introduction to Missions Course

Kingdom Expansion 101 is a convenient and inexpensive six-week online course about world evangelization. This fresh and comprehensive class provides an overview of global outreach and how churches and individuals are involved in the Great Commission. Missions team members, short-termers and church leaders have commented on the quality of the variety of articles, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and interaction among the participants. The next class begins May 30. For more information see!/ke101


and feel free to write to


with specific questions. Several agencies offer the course to their constituents. To learn how your mission organization can do this, write to the email address noted above. Again, a new class starts May 30. (Thanks to the originators of this class for a nice $25 gift to Brigada!)

2) New Book on Coaching in a Missions Context —

Keith Webb’s new book The COACH Model for Christian Leaders is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than provide answers, “Coach Model” leaders ask questions to draw out what God has already put into others. Learn how to create powerful conversations to assist others to solve their own problems, reach goals, and develop leadership skills in the process. Packed with stories and illustrations that bring the principles and practice of coaching to life, this book will transform your conversations into powerful learning and results. Available in print and e-book versions.

4) GoFundMe is “Slick and Easy,” Though Not Tax-Deductible —

A faithful friend in North Africa wrote last week to tell us about


It’s radically easy-to-use, drop-dead gorgeous, and for real (they really do exactly what they promise to do). Of course, since they don’t require any sort of documentation or status, few, if any, of your gifts would be tax-deductible. But it looks as if people could care less. They’re being generous anyway. Give it some thought. It’s a clean example of the fact that people will find you if you create compelling and beautifully clean platforms, regardless of whether it makes always sense financially to give to your cause.

5) Mission Coach Training 2012 —

Coaching Mission International invites you to apply for professional level coach training designed to train coaches who will effectively serve cross-cultural missionaries and frontline leaders. This mission-focused training will equip you to serve frontline leaders with Christ-centered life, leadership, and cross-cultural coaching at a professional level. Since 2009, MCT trainees have provided 6,000 hours of coaching to over 580 persons all over the world. If you are called to support missionaries in reaching greater levels of fruitfulness as they live out their call to the nations, go to


or email mct2012atcmiprogramsdotcom

6) Weary of Hackers Taking Advantage of Friends —

What do you get when you cross a hacker with a con artist? It’s actually quite like a cyberterrorist, except without the bomb. The hacker will try to “break into your online mailbox,” by stealing your password (or guessing it). Sometimes you’ll be duped or tricked into giving it through some well-meaning “app” at or some other social networking site. (Warning: Never, never, never give your email password to any other application.) Armed with your log-on credentials, the hacker next changes your password, then writes everyone in your online address book, pretending to be you! The really slick hackers (the cyberterroist types) will even read something about your relationships with your most important and closely-related associates. Then they’ll custom-tailor an appeal, asking for money because you’ve been traveling overseas (or something similar) and someone has just stolen your wallet. They usually try to talk your friends into putting the money (gifts) straight into some off-shore account and, bam, just like that, your entire address book is fleeced. :-( Again, the moral of the story: When will we all wise up: Let’s never ever give out our email password!

7) Free Books via Kindle —

For a short period, there are two mission-related books as free Kindle downloads: The Final Assault: A Novel about Finishing the Task by Steve Smith, highly recommended on church planting. And a second — Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism by Carl Medearis. Another highly-recommended title. This page also explains the incredible system for putting free cloud ebooks for Africa onto dumb phones and making them virtually smart phones!


The latest news about Internet Evangelism Day on 29 April is available at

8) Coalition Brings Together Pray-ers on Mission in the USA —

Are you a pray-er who also wants to see the USA become all the more effective in making a global difference for the future? If so, you might enjoy Mission America’s “Denver 2012 Annual Leadership Consultation of the Mission America Coalition.” Set for Oct. 29-31 in Denver, it promises to provide diversity plus city plus ministry. Learn more at…


9) For Task Management Online: Try Nozbe —

Funny name. Serious task manager. Nozbe …


is one of about 2500 online task management platforms. The reasons I like it more than any other: There’s a great iPhone version, there’s a great Windows version, there’s a great web version, and they all sync together well for a very affordable price. It follows the David Allen “Getting Things Done” model for task management. If you’re comfortable with that, you’ll be excited about Nozbe.

11) We’re Thankful for Support from… —

Insurance Services of America, for a $9.46 check saluting coverage of Randy and Julie in their trip to Asia. God bless College Heights for caring for their travelers at…


Use their policies to make sure you’ll always be prepared for those flights that cancel right in front of your face.


And from, offering a new online introductions to missions starting May 30th. Learn more at…!/ke101

12) The BackPage: Trello is like Pinterest for Projects —

For several years, I had been searching for a tool that would help me translate complex projects into simple “dashboards,” thereby helping me remember the intricate web of a project’s relationships, people, ideas, and goals. Interestingly, my son’s girlfriend had just shared her excitement about a website called Pinterest, one of the fastest-growing social networking sites on the web. It’s fast-growing because it allows users to collect and portray their interests by posting lots of pictures, almost like trading cards, adorning their online home much like a bulletin board might display art drawings outside the school cafeteria. Then last week, Jane, an active Brigada participant, wrote to draw attention to Trello.


Although you could use it in 100 different ways, perhaps one of the most outstanding applications would be a think of it as a planning and picture board, like Pinterest. You can model your project there and even invite trusted cohorts to help you create your vision. Your fellow-designers can work with you simultaneously, real-time (the cards move almost instantly to reflect your friends’ changes). It honestly makes a great brainstorming tool, especially for the price (free!).


Example: We’re already using it for trip planning. Start a “list” for background information for the trip, another list for trip participants, then do a list for each “day” of the trip — so a person can see the trip shaping up graphically. Since the “cards” are drag and drop, one can easily float them throughout a day — or to a completely different day. It’s secure (the public can’t look at your board unless you say so)… and, did I mention it’s FREE? You see, the company who programmed it is giving it as a “gift” to the world, saying that the company is already making enough off of its [very profitable] tech support trouble-ticket software (which is pretty much the best there is). Someday the programmers might provide additional tools or features for an add-on “freemium” payment — like $25/year — but they’ve gone on record promising they’ll never charge and never remove boards we start up right now. The public seems to believe them.


The only hitch — it’s online only. So… there’s no Windows, Mac, or linux version. But — there’s a great iPhone version and once you VIEW the board, one list at a time, the iPhone ‘remembers’ the cards, even if the iPhone is offline… like a “shadow copy” for reference only (but one can’t add or change anything). Pretty cool, especially for the price. Definitely worth a look.

1) Strategic Institute of Muslim Studies: SIMS 2012 —

Here’s a great opportunity for missions leaders, strategists, seasoned missionaries, and missionary candidates who want to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills in ministry to Muslims. Key speakers and topics are:

*** Don McCurry — Week 1: July 9–13 — Stepping Stones to Eternity: Jesus from the Quran to the Bible

*** John Gilchrist — Week 2: July 16-20 — Apologetics: Sources of Quran, Historical Jesus, Allah, Prophecies and Theological Issues.

*** Tat Stewart — Week 3: July 23-27 — Evangelism and Discipleship among Muslims. Why are Muslims coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers?

*** Bill Nikides  and Georges Houssney — Week 4: July 30-August 3

Church Planting: Building multiplying Christ centered communities.

*** In June we also have Legacy Conference and a week of practical training with hands on outreach to Arabs in Dearborn, Michigan.

For info on these and other training programs visit,


(Thanks again for Engaging Islam’s partnership with Brigada!)

2) Free Download: “Preparing for Reentry” —

This short book, “Before You Get ‘Home’: Preparing for Reentry,”  is for people intending to reenter their passport culture after service in another culture. It will help missionaries through the months preceding their return. It is now available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…


(Thanks to Go International for your help in getting Brigada out! $30)

3) Free Sign-up Page Might Help you at your Next Function —

I’m checking into this sign-up page…


As it already stands, you might be able to use it for your next function. Say, you’re a missionary headed to a particular local church to report back on your last term of service. You do a sign-up page for your local churches to sign up for which Sunday(s) they want you to come to their church to report. Possibilities, right? I’ve also got a request into their developers to see if they can design a “vigil mode.” Folks would use it to set up an all-night prayer vigil… or maybe a 24/7 all-week prayer vigil like you see discussed at:


Once they did the general tool, I have a hunch a lot of us would use it. “If they build it, we will come,” kind of thing. I’ll let you know if they take us up on it.

4) Creative-access Church Planting Training with George Patterson —

All Nations will be offering training this summer for anyone interested in planting churches among unreached people groups in closed access countries. The training will feature several speakers, including a week with George Patterson, who planted over a hundred churches in Latin America. Training will be held in Kansas City, MO, and will last three weeks. Visit the website for more information, or call at 816-216-1353.

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