4) Storyrunners: “This is a Story from God’s Word” —

Our organization continues to benefit from training in chronological Bible storytelling. I bet yours does too. I’ve shared here about the fact that we trained at Storyrunners…




What I like about their training is that, among other things, they aren’t too proud to implement changes and improvements. After we participated in their training recently, we ended the 40 hours by offering several gentle suggestions for improvement, including the use of actual non-Christians from other cultures to hear and process the stories that participants were writing. Last week, we heard from the leadership of Storyrunners that they have now implemented those suggestions and both they and their participants are loving the results — which makes me want to go back and take the training again so I can hear the story all over again! I’m not sure how quickly I can do that… but I hope you can soon. Check out their website and their [always improving] training. You’ll be glad you did… when you tell your next story from God’s word!

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