8) What do you Use to Play Music on your iPhone? —

In our ongoing quest to find the best apps for an iPhone, I’m curious: Surely we don’t all use iTunes to play the music we use at special events — banquets, prayer rallies, etc. iTunes seems so lame to me. (Am I just not giving it enough time to grow on me?) Isn’t there a better app for playing, importing, and searching for songs, mp3’s, movies, etc., on our devices? If you have a favorite, please use the comment link below. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


2 Responses to 8) What do you Use to Play Music on your iPhone? —
  1. K Reply

    It’s not grown on me. Hard to imagine why a product that’s been integral in making them billions has not received more focus in its development.

    Sadly, I don’t have a better solution. Surely something will fill the vacuum.

  2. Mark Reply

    Now that it’s available, I often use Amazon MP3 player as an option. I like it more and it’s often cheaper for downloads.

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