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1) Imagine Achieving Your Full Support In A Few Months! —

Hundreds of faith missionaries and home assigned staff have raised their full support in record time using the training, coaching and accountability offered by Kingdom Come Training.  Partnership ministry is tough these days and takes hard work. The old ways of doing it take far too long.  KCT offers the blueprint for success and builds the skills and confidence to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. Your training and coaching comes right to your computer over live, interactive videoconferencing, so no travel is required and the cost is minimal. It works anywhere in the world where there is reliable high speed internet. Check out their website…




or contact directly at Jerryatkingdomcometrainingdotcom


(And thanks to KCT for the $50 donation for Brigada. The gift and the item arrived literally 6 hours ago and is already helping Brigada get this edition out to your inbox.)

2) David vs. Goliath: Vyrso taking on Amazon, Kindle in ebook battle

In a market dominated by the likes of ebook giants such as Amazon and Kindle, Vyrso: Christian Ebooks is entering the fray with a quiver full of features that could send mass marketing powerhouses running for the hills. Launched late last year by Logos Bible Software, Vyrso has already won a couple honors — a Communicator Award and a Summit Creative Award for the innovation it brings into the ebook world. Now the ambitious ebook platform is taking on the competition with a few of its secret weapons. Vyrso’s ebook store and ereader app were designed for book enthusiasts who want to experience their books — not just read them as scanned copies. The ereader app is loaded with features that many others don’t bring to the plate. Among the arsenal attached to Vyrso’s belt are cloud-synced notes and highlighting and instant pull-up Bible verses, accessible via tap-through Scripture references. Other features include the ability to cross-library search, copy & paste, use split-screen capability, and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Vyrso also interconnects with the power of Logos 4’s Bible study tools, giving access to tens of thousands of electronic Christian resources with a single tap. Only time will tell the outcome of this battle, but if cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features provide any indicator, Vyrso has a few stones stacked and ready for today’s eGoliaths.




(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)


For more information about Logos, browse to…




or email…

mediaatlogosdotcom or call 800-875-6467

4) Ten (10) Free Daily Devotionals for First 10 Brigada Readers —

So… this app design studio decides to give away 10 free daily devotional apps. But only the first 10 readers get one. Each reader would have to use one of the 10 codes — once. And after the 10 codes have been used, well, there are no more free apps. But in the process, the studio will cause hundreds of people to see the apps. Genius, right? :-)

What’s the devotion? Daily Faith (Faith’s Checkbook by Charles Spurgeon).

For what operating system? iPhone.

What link would someone need to use to redeem and purchase the app?


(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

What’s the name of the studio? Tap Tap Studio.

What are the devotions? The classic daily devotional series includes Daily Light, Daily Scripture, Daily Faith, Daily Streams and Daily Strength. They’re versions of classic devotional favorites updated with bible verses from the modern NET Bible. These devotional reader apps are available for $1.99 each in the US and are priced accordingly in other regions. These apps are available world-wide from Apple’s App Store at


Please visit


for more Classic Daily Devotional information including screenshots of the apps. Oh — the codes, you ask? Here they are. Remember, each one is only good for a one-time use. If you use one, would you please use the comment box below to explain the one that you picked? That could save lots of readers a lot of trial and error.

Promo codes:











5) Encouraging book —

Jimmy Martin of the International Baptist Convention recently wrote: “Ken, who has served as a pastor and interim pastor in numerous international settings, recently wrote a great devotional book to encourage those who find themselves living out of their country of origin. The book’s title is Singing the LORD’s Songs in a Foreign Land: Biblical Reflections for Expatriates.” For information about ordering the book anywhere in the world in print or for electronic reader go to



6) Get Field-trained for Hostile Environments —

Now you can be trained in the field (and in the classroom) by some of the industry’s most experienced teachers: Crisis Consulting International (CCI). They’ll be offering their “Field Security Seminar” in Lake George, CO (90 minutes from the Colorado Springs airport) Sept 13-15, 2012. With a cost of $625 (plus $224 for lodging and meals), this training is not cheap. (Discounts are available for multiple students from the same organization and for those attending the Crisis Management Seminar immediately following this training.) But you just have to decide — “do I need this knowledge; will I need these skills.” If your life depends on it, you might decide to prioritize and get there. Field Security Seminar prepares faith-based workers to work, live and travel in high-risk environments.  Core components of the Field Security Seminar include managing violent encounters; personal security; profile management; hostage survival; convoy management; emergency leadership; identifying and avoiding landmines and unexploded ordnance; and managing checkpoints, roadblocks and ambushes.


To register and receive more information, see…




If you’re interested, better act fast. Registration closes July 31.

9) Thank you Lord… and Thank you Brigada Participants —

Here at Brigada, we’re always humbled, sobered, and inspired when people chip in toward the expenses we have in sending out Brigada to 10,000 participants each week. This past week, Insurance Services of America (ISA) sent $127.42 as a thank-you gift for the Brigada participants who had traveled safely and securely, with the assurance that they were covered in case the worst happened (or even if their next flight canceled). If you’d like that peace of mind, the source to which we turn again and again is ISA. They cover missionaries and cross-cultural travelers of all kinds at…




There are plans, brochures, applications and pricing. It’s all there.


We’re also grateful to the Mission Network, Anacortes, WA, for another monthly gift of $100 to undergird Brigada’s global ministry! If you or your church would like to add Brigada to your monthly budget, that would be awesome! And please let us know if you’d like us to visit you in person. We’ll do whatever we can to make it happen. We recently asked the folks at the Mission Network why they, in fact, give each month to Brigada. We were both inspired and encouraged when they answered, “One of the main reasons we give each month is because we think many others could be doing the same. We hope our small gift will inspire them to step up to the plate and do likewise — to propel Brigada well into the future.”


Now — drum roll — based on the $7310 that Brigada Participants have spent on Logos Research Systems products using Brigada links over the past quarter, Logos just sent a thank-you check, totally unsolicited and unexpected, for $1096.58! Can you believe it? First, it tells me that you guys are studying a lot of Bible passages!!! Second, it says something about your willingness to invest in quality tools. And third, hats off to Logos for their willingness to thank the Brigada community for its combined interest! So please… please know that when you use these Brigada links, you’re empowering the Brigada community to keep pumping out resources to screens all over the world on a regular basis. And don’t forget to stop by




to see if there are any Bible study materials that will help you, your family, your church, and/or your mission. God bless you!!!

10) The BackPage: On Volunteerism —

Recently, I joined some 30 other Christian workers for a week-long course designed to help us learn how to work more effectively with volunteers. Now, granted, I’ve been trying to raise up volunteers since the mid-80’s. But I still feel I’m missing something. Why do they volunteer? And why do they keep volunteering? What kind of personality… What kind of service… and What kind of thought processes cause a person to decide to serve totally without regard to receiving anything in return? Those are questions I asked. I know that the workshop attempted to answer them. But I still remain somewhat perplexed — because, in my humble opinion, I didn’t discover any magic wands.


What about your organization, church, or agency? Is there any “magic wand” you’ve discovered for recruiting, retaining, and empowering the best volunteer base ever? If so, and if we promise not to interfere with your operation :-), would you mind sharing the best secrets you’ve learned? … or at least, the some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way? If so, we’d all be incredibly grateful. Just click “Comment” below — and you can comment anonymously or by name. Thank you for any help you can give.



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