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1) MAC/US Lausanne Gathering in Denver, Oct 29-31

Better think twice about missing Denver ’12! Last year’s gathering yielded the Mission Mobilizer’s Playbook (Doc & Wiki) and introductory US Diaspora conversations have since grown into collaborative efforts to identify and reach America’s “peoples on the move.” This year’s affinity gathering of mission mobilizers not only builds upon last year’s successes but presses into important new developments in US & Global mission mobilization and opportunities to discover how we can work better together. So, bring a younger leader. If you aren’t able to come, send a substitute. To learn more about Denver ’12, contact: daveatmissionamericadotorg  (daveatmissionamericadotorg)   or go to:

(Thanks to Mission America USA for sending a $50 gift to empower Brigada to keep on resourcing global efforts to finish the task. We appreciate you!)

2) BAM equipping event for Entrepreneurs and C-level Executives

NewVo business is a network of entrepreneurs and business executives whose goal is to mobilize businesses for the gospel among the least-reached peoples of the world. Their first conference will bring together current and future Kingdom Business practitioners to explore the logistics of starting and maintaining Christian-led businesses. It will be held Nov 1-3, 2012 at the Simpsonwood Conference Center near Atlanta, GA. For registration and more information please go to:

4) Consultation about a North African Country

It’s happening soon — September 24 through 28, 2012. It’s a gathering in the UK of those interested in this country to network together and lean about opportunities, how to apply their skills in country and how to help those that care. There are many opportunities, needs and your organization may be the best fit for many of them. Write officeatlpartnershipdotnet  (officeatlpartnershipdotnet)   or ellenatlpartnershipdotnet  (ellenatlpartnershipdotnet)   to learn more. I don’t think we’re supposed to say which country, but if you’re interested in recently opening lands, you’ll be interested in this.

5) Wow! Incredible Storehouse of Church-Planter Training Materials

I’m still trying to figure out how in the world these folks managed to produce all this material. See the nice English page at…

But see all the translations at …

I wrote Jay, the General Editor, and received a personal note granting permission to make these materials available to the entire Brigada audience. It’s an INCREDIBLE storehouse of knowledge, well-formatted and presented in over 30 languages! It was originally pulled together for Post Communist Eurasia, but there are great lessons to be learned here for lots of other cultures too. I wish I could make it clear just how much potential these materials have — if we just get them into the hands of the people who need them. Let’s do it!

6) Free KCT webinar on how to achieve full funding fast

Hundreds of faith ministry workers are becoming fully funded in four to ten months. Register right away for the free, live, web based, interactive video webinar on Saturday September 15 at 8:30am Pacific Time and find out how you can accelerate your partnership ministry. All you will need is a webcam, headphone and a hard-wired connection to a modem (wireless doesn’t work). You can register on the KCT website:

7) Get Free Access to Resources for Coordinating Short-term Trips

STM Toolbox, a ministry dedicated to providing free access to resources for those coordinating short term mission, is launching a new email series. This monthly email provides insight on a particular topic related to short term mission. Each issue is filled with articles and links to help the short term mission coordinator perform their ministry with greater passion and knowledge. The August issue catalogues over 25 resources for debriefing short term mission teams. Subscription is free, but you have to sign up at

8) Need a Digital Signage Appliance? Try This one

Got access to one of those 42″ flat-screen video monitors? Let me guess: You’d love to use it for a digital sign, but you can’t stand the thought of sacrificing a full-on laptop to run it. What’s more, you’re thinking that Powerpoint would look a bit simplistic flashing on it. Right? Fret no more. Check out this unit: r/

(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

It’s affordable ($359), compact, and easily customized over the web. Try it: You just might decide there’s hope for your digital billboard after all.

9) Finish the Task Conference

October 28 to November 1 there will be a conference in Cincinnati, Ohio that is focused on finishing the task. The conference is being hosted by YWAM and will take place at White Oak Christian Church. Every morning from 9:00 to 12:00 will have teaching from Dan Baumann (Author of “Imprisoned in Iran”) and each evening, beginning at 7:00 PM, will feature Danny Lehmann (Author of “Stoked”). In addition, passionate worship will be led during the conference by Aaron Barker from Kona, Hawaii. The evening sessions are free to the public and there will be exhibitors from numerous mission agencies along with an excellent resource table to look over. For more information, contact Mark at finishthetaskconferenceatgmaildotcom  (finishthetaskconferenceatgmaildotcom)   or call (904)372-0161. Jesus’ last words are a “Commission,” not a “suggestion.” For more information, Check out …

(Note from the Editor: Please take note of the fact that this conference appears not to have any relationship with the global network known as “Finishing the Task,” which can be seen at )

10) For International Travelers, Spot Now Works with your iPhone

Do you hike? … mountain bike? Snow ski? Travel internationally? Then you might want to take a look at the newest iteration of “Spot,” those devices that “read” our exact location using GPS satellites, then transmit a message (either “we’re ok” or “we need help” or, directly to a global rescue squad, “Help!”). This new version teams up with an iPhone (via Bluetooth) to make life easier. You just type in a message like you were sending an SMS (text message). The “Spot Connect” (as it’s called) does all the rest, “turning your smartphone into a satellite communicator.” So imagine — you can now send messages from virtually anywhere in the world TO virtually anywhere. Emails or texts, either way, it’s nimble and adept. I had been waiting on this unit, but it was actually our I.T. guy who wrote and said, “Doug, they’ve released it.” I ordered immediately and when my unit arrived, I charged it, then, when it indicated it was fully charged, turned it on, then wrote a custom satellite message. The whole sign-on and message creation took less than 5 minutes and I never had to look at a manual. It’s a great system. Learn more at…

It’ll set you back about $150, but I’m thinking, the first time you need it, $150 will seem minimal compared to the surgery you might have needed repairing all the things you jeopardized because you didn’t have help in the jungle. Note that you also have to subscribe to this global network (the satellite infrastructure), but that’ll only set you back $60 or $70 for basic service. Definitely worth the look.

11) We are Grateful!

For… …Mission America USA for a $50 one-time gift. God bless you!!! …For an anonymous donor who just sent $100. JUST. Right now. Thank you!!!!!!! …World Outreach Missions for another monthly gift of $200. Consistently, World Outreach Missions empowers Brigada monthly with this faithful giving and, never to be missed. May God bless them!!!

12) The BackPage: The State of “CHE”

If you found this item via Google and you were actually searching for material about Che Guevara, you’d be better off looking at…

THIS article deals with the kind of CHE associated with Community Health Evangelism. Regular Brigada readers will recall that, earlier in the year, I participated in a CHE “Vision Seminar.” Now, this past week, I took the full-on “Training of Trainers” or TOT. It definitely makes for a full week. The average CHE TOT 1 course lasts 4 1/2 days. I’ll have to say, there were times that I became just a tad discouraged. Seems to me, it would be possible for a CHE trainer to push the “Great Commission” to the back burner while working on other, more visible and tangible community issues. However, in our particular course, around Wednesday, the presenters became much more detailed about the link to spiritual dimensions.

When I wrote about CHE earlier in the year (see the Brigada at…

I presented several sets of bullet points that rang true throughout the week. We looked at the goal, the Biblical Basis, the Need, the Approach, the Core Elements, the characteristics of the “CHE’s” themselves, the Steps, the Phases, Committee Training, CHE Training, and “How to integrate the physical and spiritual.” It was a fairly thorough intro. And I’m excited to say that, after having taken the TOT 1 course, I’m now more excited than ever. The 6000 lessons on the DVD are excellent. Who would have imagined the core of material that I now possess, and all the lessons we can now teach!? There are lessons on:
*** Entering the Community
*** Training the community
*** Training the CHE’s
*** Agriculture
*** Health Promotion
*** Economic Development
*** Children’s CHE
*** Disabilities
*** Women’ cyckd of Life
*** Animal Care
*** Evangelism and Discipleship
*** Bible Storying
*** Moral Values
And much, much more. Many of these lessons will scratch an itch I already had. They also taught the MODE of training in such a way that it’s incredibly transferable.

What do YOU think of CHE? Are you using it currently? If so, what have been the strong points and not-so-strong points for you? If you’re courageous enough to share your opinion, we’d love to hear. Just click the link below (“comments”), You can even comment anonymously if need be. Thanks in advance for your frankness, time and investment in others!

1) Until Aug 23rd: $39/mo Unlimited 4G Talk/Text/Web for Testers —

And get this: no contract. Greg Parsons of the US Center for World Mission, mobilizer extraordinaire Shane Bennett and Brigada fan Robby Butler are trying out a new $49/mo phone service which offers unlimited 4G smart phone service with no contract, and unlimited profit sharing on referrals. And they’ve figured out a way to rebate 20% off to testers who sign up by Aug 23rd. These guys also think they’ve figured out a way to turn this into a cash generator for missionaries and their supporters, and are looking for guinea pigs to test the system with them. Sign ups for the final round of testing close 8/23, and won’t open again until Solavei’s formal launch on 9/21. To learn more, visit


Then contact



(By the way, we didn’t ask for this, but they’re telling us that Brigada gets $20 for every person who mentions Brigada when contacting Robby, and then subscribes for Solavei under Robby’s direction.)

2) Massive Pew Study of Muslims in 40 Countries —

OK… I have to be honest. The source on this one is my son. :-) His note went like this:



You’ve got to browse through this! Very interesting! It’s a massive Pew study of Muslims from some 40 countries. They looked at how Islam is practiced, consumed, and perceived in terms of the entire world, regions, and individual countries.


Maybe it deserves a shout on Brigada? Workers in Bosnia can see the percent of Muslims in their country that believe in Angels, those in Kenya can find out how often 18-24 year olds in their country pray in mosques, etc.!


See the executive summary-


See the home page (browse the study with the options on the right)-




(Note: These two links will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)


(Yes, I’m thankful he has a degree in international studies. :-) )

3) Mobilizer for the Great Commission Needed —

Do you feel a calling to use your skills and experience to mobilize workers for the Great Commission? Perhaps this opportunity is for you. A Christian non-profit organization changing lives through character-centered education and training services in East Asia and Central Asia/Arabian Peninsula (CA/AP) has an immediate opening for a Recruiter/Applicant Liaison.  This is a paid position in their US-based office (near Atlanta, GA).  The ideal candidate will be ready to identify and recruit quality educational and ministry professionals, and possess experience in developing creative recruiting and networking strategies.  For more information, just contact Val at

VdotAkinsatLDiUSdotorg or call him toll-free in the USA at 1-866-436-0379 (outside the USA 1-770-683-0808).  You can also check them out at

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