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1) Until Aug 23rd: $39/mo Unlimited 4G Talk/Text/Web for Testers —

And get this: no contract. Greg Parsons of the US Center for World Mission, mobilizer extraordinaire Shane Bennett and Brigada fan Robby Butler are trying out a new $49/mo phone service which offers unlimited 4G smart phone service with no contract, and unlimited profit sharing on referrals. And they’ve figured out a way to rebate 20% off to testers who sign up by Aug 23rd. These guys also think they’ve figured out a way to turn this into a cash generator for missionaries and their supporters, and are looking for guinea pigs to test the system with them. Sign ups for the final round of testing close 8/23, and won’t open again until Solavei’s formal launch on 9/21. To learn more, visit




Then contact



(By the way, we didn’t ask for this, but they’re telling us that Brigada gets $20 for every person who mentions Brigada when contacting Robby, and then subscribes for Solavei under Robby’s direction.)

2) Massive Pew Study of Muslims in 40 Countries —

OK… I have to be honest. The source on this one is my son. :-) His note went like this:



You’ve got to browse through this! Very interesting! It’s a massive Pew study of Muslims from some 40 countries. They looked at how Islam is practiced, consumed, and perceived in terms of the entire world, regions, and individual countries.


Maybe it deserves a shout on Brigada? Workers in Bosnia can see the percent of Muslims in their country that believe in Angels, those in Kenya can find out how often 18-24 year olds in their country pray in mosques, etc.!


See the executive summary-




See the home page (browse the study with the options on the right)-






(Note: These two links will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)


(Yes, I’m thankful he has a degree in international studies. :-) )

3) Mobilizer for the Great Commission Needed —

Do you feel a calling to use your skills and experience to mobilize workers for the Great Commission? Perhaps this opportunity is for you. A Christian non-profit organization changing lives through character-centered education and training services in East Asia and Central Asia/Arabian Peninsula (CA/AP) has an immediate opening for a Recruiter/Applicant Liaison.  This is a paid position in their US-based office (near Atlanta, GA).  The ideal candidate will be ready to identify and recruit quality educational and ministry professionals, and possess experience in developing creative recruiting and networking strategies.  For more information, just contact Val at

VdotAkinsatLDiUSdotorg or call him toll-free in the USA at 1-866-436-0379 (outside the USA 1-770-683-0808).  You can also check them out at



5) iPhone App Helps Make Travelers Smarter —

I also just downloaded the Smart Traveler App from the US State Department. The great thing is — you could actually download it no matter WHERE you’re from in the world. Get the latest advisories, cautions and warnings from any country in the world. Search the App Store for it or learn more at




It’s free. Well, actually, your tax dollars at work. :-)

6) Where to Find Print Bibles in Languages of Unreached —

At Brigada, we get questions. This past week, someone asked, “Are there any printers in the U.S. that print Bibles in any of the languages spoken by any of the 6900 unreached people groups?  If you don’t know, do you have any idea where I might start asking that question?” The thought occurred to me — what about going directly to the resource listing at …




In other words, look up the unreached people group, then scroll down. Suppose you’re trying to find information on the Middle Atlas Berbers. You find the profile at…




Scroll down to “Possible Bible Sources,” and bam — there are three places to go for more info on this printed Bible. Now granted, …








are two of the best places to start anyway, but checking at JP.net first just makes sense.


Do you know of other starting points for printed Bibles for unreached peoples? If so, please jump in on a comment box below. Thanks.

8) Get Trained for Storying Among Unreached Peoples —

Unleash the Power of Bible Storying in Your Unreached People Group!  Register online for Orlando, Florida Bible storying training, Oct 1 – 5, at




The organizers have added new elements to this course that reportedly train you to produce an audio recording of a chronological set of Bible stories into the heart language of your UPG AND enable you to design strategies for using those stories to start Bible story groups and plant churches in your UPG.

9) How to Achieve Full Funding Fast —

Do you need to learn how to raise personal support for your ministry?  You can by attending Support ConneXion, a half-day seminar sponsored by Mission ConneXion Northwest on Saturday, Sept. 8, 9:00am-12:00 noon in Beaverton, Oregon.


This seminar will be led by Kingdom Come Training (Jerry and Carol Long and their team) known nationally for their success helping missionaries become fully funded in record time.  They have served over 600 couples and individuals representing 182 mission agencies.  The cost for this event is $79.99.


The even location is at the Luis Palau Association Headquarters, 1500 NW 167th Place, Beaverton, OR 97006



10) Amazed, Thankful, and Inspired —

*** Thanks to ISA for sending $14.55 in the name of those who pad purchased travel interruption (trip cancellation) insurance in the name of Brigada. To learn more about their coverage for your next trip, just click to…




There are plans, brochures, applications and pricing. It’s all there.


*** Thanks to The Mission Network, Anacortes, WA, for another monthly gift of $100, and World Outreach Missions for another monthly gift of $200, both given to undergird Brigada’s global ministry for the sake of unreached peoples! We appreciate you! If you or your church would like to add Brigada to your monthly budget, that would be awesome! And please let us know if you’d like us to visit you in person. We’ll do whatever we can to make it happen.


*** This past week, we were incredibly encouraged by an anonymous gift to Brigada of $1100. The most amazing part of the whole story is that the gift came from a resident of Colorado Springs that had just lost EVERYTHING in one of the wildfires. While sifting through the wreckage of his former home, he somehow had the presence of mind to think of helping Brigada on a global scale to get the word out to unreached peoples everywhere so they wouldn’t have to face eternal loss in Hell. Can you believe this guy? Talk about raising up from the ashes. Would you please join me in a passionate prayer thanking God for his life and witness, and, in view of the baton that he has passed, would you ask the Lord to help us all renew our efforts to reach out to lost people everywhere for the sake of the Kingdom. Thank you God. Thank you Colorado Springs. May God bless your rebuilding.


If you’d like to join them, click “Donate” at brigada.org or send your gift to Team Expansion (Brigada), 4112 Old Routt Road, Louisville, KY 40299. May God bless you.

11) The Back Page: One Church’s Approach to Unreached Peoples —

Fern Creek Christian Church is a congregation of about 800 people in southeastern Louisville, Kentucky. On Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, they pulled together nearly 100 people to study Nicholaus Zinzendorf and the Moravians, as they launched a prayer vigil on May 12, 1727. The congregation was astounded at the way the prayers went on for hours, then days, then weeks, then months, then YEARS. Exactly 74 years later, with Moravians still praying 24/7, a group of believers gathered in a hayfield near Paris, Kentucky. Men like Barton W. Stone preached a very simple gospel, directly from the Bible. Thousands joined them in the next few days. In fact, authorities were so nervous about the crowds, they actually called in the military to try to maintain order. The military, who were trained to make accurate assessments of crowds (for example, when the crowds were enemies), estimated a total of 30,000 people took part. It was an amazing development, to say the least. Fern Creek studied these events which have later been identified as the genesis of the Christian Churches, the Disciples of Christ, and the Churches of Christ. So Fern Creek decided to pray too. As of today, August 19, they’ve been praying for 88 hours. For their part, Fern Creek is praying for something very specific: the 6900 unreached people groups found in the world today. As they pray, they’ve been covering a giant “Wall” of unreached peoples, constructed in a form not unlike the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. The wall panels stretch for over 130 feet. The names of those nearly-7000 unreached peoples are etched on the Wall. And both day and night, for the past 88 hours, members of the church have been praying by name for each unreached people group, about one per minute. It’s been an exciting week — and it’s highly likely that the church will never forget it. Learn more by checking out the website at..




If you’d like to try to sign up to use the Wall, learn more at




In the meantime, if you have a moment, join Fern Creek in praying for unreached peoples by browsing them at…




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