5) Wow! Incredible Storehouse of Church-Planter Training Materials

I’m still trying to figure out how in the world these folks managed to produce all this material. See the nice English page at…


But see all the translations at …


I wrote Jay, the General Editor, and received a personal note granting permission to make these materials available to the entire Brigada audience. It’s an INCREDIBLE storehouse of knowledge, well-formatted and presented in over 30 languages! It was originally pulled together for Post Communist Eurasia, but there are great lessons to be learned here for lots of other cultures too. I wish I could make it clear just how much potential these materials have — if we just get them into the hands of the people who need them. Let’s do it!

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  1. Randy Rhoades Reply

    Found your stuff through Brigada. What a well worked out course you have produced. So glad to see it in a variety of languages as our missionary teams are often multilingual,

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