2) How to Get Funding In A Few Months

Kingdom Come Training is offering a free webinar to share why taking two or three years to raise full financial partnerships is a thing of the past.  This will be a live, interactive webinar so you are welcome to log in, get hope, ask questions and learn if KCT training, coaching and accountability are for you.  It will be on Saturday, September 15 at 8:30 Pacific Time.  A hard-wired connection you your modem will be required.  Wi-fi won’t work. You will need to register ahead of time.  Email Jerry… jerryatkingdomcometrainingdotcom  (jerryatkingdomcometrainingdotcom)   Check out the org website at:

http://www.kingdomcometraining.com/       (Thanks, Kingdom Come, for the $50 gift to spur on Brigada! We appreciate you!!!)

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