3) George Patterson’s New Book Teaches How to Start CPM’s —

David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements, says this about George Patterson’s new book, “Come Quickly Dawn,” a unique training novel: “George Patterson is father and mentor to us all… a pioneer in church planting …through disciples around the world. He is once again pushing the envelope… This time Dr. Patterson has pioneered a new genre: the “training novel” …in riveting prose. Missionaries, pastors, church planters, and …adventurous Christians will be gripped… by this powerful blend of narrative and wisdom that unpacks the secrets of how God is… redeeming even the most calloused souls for Christ.” Get it from William Carey Library…


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  1. Rick Myers Reply

    Wonder if this will be translated into Spanish as George’s early days were spent in Central America. We still work with church planters that were students of George – so many have been positively influenced by this humble servant!! I am looking forward to reading this book! Also wonder if this will be an audio-book or make for Kindle, etc?

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