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Dan Scribner

Dan Scribner

“Brigada might be called a megaphone for the Christian missions community.  For over 17 years Brigada has provided a unique blend of Great Commission news, gatherings, practical ideas and tips.  Every issue is full of challenging and helpful items.  The short and insightful articles are perfect for busy missionaries, leaders and mission activists.  Don’t miss it!” Dan Scribner, researcher, data-gatherer, and mobilizer, and Director of

— Brigada Today for Sunday, 28 of October, 2012

1) You can achieve full funding in six months

Kingdom Come Training

Kingdom Come Training

Hundreds of faith ministry workers are now building their full financial partnerships in six months or less. KCT trainees, whether new appointees, foreign assigned or home assigned, are now receiving over $30,000,000 in annual ministry partnerships. You can develop the biblical attitudes and relational ministry skills, modeled by Jesus, that take the terror out of partnership ministry and make it a joy-filled experience. Ultimately, you will bless believers with greater vision for fulfilling a primary purpose for redemption: being the expression of Christ to the nations.

The training is done over web-based interactive videoconferencing so you can participate from anywhere in the world over hard-wired internet (WIFI doesn’t work). It goes for one and a half hours a day, four days a week for three weeks. After that you get with a trained personal coach over Skype for weekly coaching and accountability until you are fully funded. It all starts when you write…


or click to…

2) Get an Advanced Copy of Any3 Witnessing Tool

Any3 is a reproducible, highly effective model for witnessing in contexts hostile to Christianity. Originally developed by a team working with Muslims, it has been tested and refined in many contexts and become a standard part of the Training for Trainers (T4T) approach to launching Church Planting Movements. A full book on Any3 is just going to press for availability in early December, with a limited quantity from this printing available “at cost” ($5 plus shipping) to those who like promoting such books. To request a copy, email

RobbydotButlerattheMissionNetworkdotorg with a brief description of your “sphere of influence,” and how you would promote the book if you like it.

4) For Sending Agencies Wanting to Understand Today’s Go-ers

I highly respect the folks at GMI (Global Mapping). They do quality work on maps and more, based on in-depth research, and they desire to do it at affordable prices. They recently surveyed a few thousand missionary recruits, asking them for input about the sending agencies with whom they were in touch. You can read their results if you’re willing to complete a [very] brief survey about a great resource they’re promoting, authored by Patrick Johnstone (“The Future of the Global Church”). I didn’t think the survey was at all burdensome. And I’m still delving into the stuff they learned from the recruits. Worth the read. Here’s the link to start the survey. Good luck.

Me Without You

Trying to do missions without Him would be … well… frustrating, weary, and impossible. So if your day is dull, maybe return to Him.

6) Free, Helpful Stuff for Bible Storytellers

Gotta hand it to Ray. He’s a promoter of Bible storytelling. He was willing to put together a small website with helpful tips for those wishing to learn more about how to communicate with Oral Learners – who make up 2/3rds of our world today. Find his quick and easy website at…

Learn more about his Leader’s Audio Bible at

At this latter site, he also features an Oral Bible Training course.

7) Four Common Attack Vectors For Stealing Email Accounts

Greg, our I.T. guy, shared these with me yesterday, after two more of our staff people were each hacked in their email accounts. I was trying to imagine — how do people most easily make off the keys to someone’s email accounts? Greg filled me on the most common 4 Attack Vectors:

1.  Weak password storage on the server that got hacked.

2.  Re-usage of the same username/password across accounts, typically linked grabbed from one of those servers that got hacked.

3.  Spyware/viruses stealing info

4.  Weak implementation of the “Security Question” model.

I thought each of these represented a different, yet related sphere.

9) Children’s Lessons on the Persecuted Church

Sunday, November 4 is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Stand4Kids created two lessons to involve children and youth in learning about persecution of believers. These can be used this coming weekend — or really anytime — to educate, inspire, and prompt to action.

*** Persecution: What Can I Do? (grades 1-3) provides examples of persecution and introduces our God-given responsibility towards suffering believers as well as perpetrators.

*** Persecution: What and Why? (grades 5-8) delves deeper, exploring how God uses ill-treatment of believers to expand his kingdom. These are sold as PDF downloads. Check it out at…

10) Looking for an Affordable Emailer Solution?

You might try We recently received a note from a Brigada subscriber who wondered why we went with iContact instead (when we transitioned Brigada away from GoogleGroups and YahooGroups). We happen to use both MailChimp and iContact for different purposes and… I’m not sure why, but for us, iContact just seems easier to grasp and use, especially with a larger list. As far as affordability, with a larger list, to me there’s not much difference in pricing between the two services. But for those getting started, iContact will start collecting $10/month from you even if you just have 250 subscribers. By contrast, MailChimp gives you up to 2000 subscribers for FREE, as long as you don’t generate a cumulative total of more than 12,000 emails/month. So MailChimp wins hands-down for the low-volume or “just-starting-out” user. You get all the normal stuff — templates to help you compose our emails, database features, the ability to track which address opens your email, which address clicks on a link, etc. Check them out for yourself at…

And thanks for the reminder about MailChimp.

11) New CD of Moroccan Christian Songs

Seems like a good deal, this. Here’s a worker, focused on North Africa, willing to send you a brand new free CD of Moroccan Christian songs. He says he isn’t going to charge for the CD; just for shipping. He’s apparently affiliated with WorldVenture and has a website..

The way I look at this sort of thing… even if the worker is hoping to expand his list of contacts interested in serving Moroccans, at least he’s doing it in an innovative and positive fashion, you know? :-) Gotta give the guy credit for his willingness to serve, even if, in the process, he’s hoping to get to know you. Love it. You should be able to use the contact form at…

to request the CD. If you try this and have feedback, please comment (immediately below the web version of this item) about your experience. Thanks.

12) Thanks for your Encouragement about the New Brigada Format

We’re grateful for the many who have written about the new format we’re using with Brigada Today. Responses have ranged from…

*** “Nice!”


*** “The type is so miniscule that I didn’t read the issue.” [Oops! Somehow, we didn’t get the sizing right in the first edition. Hope that’s been corrected now. If it’s still not right for you, please let us know. Thanks for the feedback!”

*** “I like the setup which much facilitated by the links at the side.  Great work.”

*** “Thanks Doug, I love the new format and even posted some info for resources.”

*** “Thanks so much for all your hard work on the new distribution channel and format. It’s very crisp and looks great!”

*** ” Just a note of encouragement … Thanks heaps for Brigada, your passion for missions and love of God! Blessings & prayers”

*** “I just email to say THANK YOU, for everything you do!”

13) We Give Thanks…

For the people who make the Brigada world go around!

*** From World Outreach Missions, we just received a gift for $200! God be praised. May He bless their ministry abundantly!!!

*** From Here’s hoping that their event this past weekend was a huge success… and may God bless them in the future. Learn more at…

*** From Kingdom Come Training, a $50 gift — God bless you…

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