“Brigada is a great source for new ideas and a connecting place for missions thinking and action. It helps reduce unnecessary duplication and multiplies relationships for the Kingdom. If you don’t get it, you will miss something that can help you advance your calling.” Greg H. Parsons, PhD, Global Director, USCWM, Padadena, California

— Brigada Today for Sunday, 7 of October, 2012

2 Responses to Brigada Today for Sunday, 7 of October, 2012
  1. Pattie Reply

    I work for a Christian mission agency. I am curious how other Christian organizations are using social media, especially with regards to doing member care for their workers in other countries. Thought maybe I could get some insight here.

  2. Editor Reply

    We can certainly ask, Pattie. Look for the item in next week’s Brigada.

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