6) JoshuaProject.net Expands and Enlarges Translation Info

I have a great friend named Greg who serves in the Bible Translation business. He leads a fast-growing agency and stays up on this stuff. This past week, he wrote to make sure we had seen…


We hadn’t. I wrote him back to make sure I knew what I was looking at. He described it this way: “They applied their JP progress scale to languages by calculating the progress of each language group based on the people groups that spoke that language. They combined everything else they know about languages on one sheet so you can find unreached language communities now as well as unreached peoples. You can find unreached language groups that also have no Scripture, no Jesus Film and are Muslims. And a lot of other things like that, including language groups over a certain population with some other combination of criteria.” So hats off to JoshuaProject.net for the further development… and to Greg for pointing the Brigada family to it!

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