2) The Multiply Movement: Platt and Chan Singing our Song

As this Brigada goes to press, I’ve just heard a sneak-peak 3-hour presentation by David Platt, author of the hot best-seller, “Radical,” and Francis Chan, author of “Crazy Love.” These guys teamed up with others to produce this streamed internet “live broadcast” and it will go live again this Saturday, Nov. 10, from Chan’s church in San Francisco. In a nutshell, these guys are claiming that they’re tired of the status quo. They say they’re not willing to stop short of anything other than radical obedience to the Great Commission. Chan begins with a kind of public repentance for how long it has taken us to fulfill the Great Commission, the Platt preaches on Matt. 28: 19-20 (and it’s a fairly good sermon, as you can imagine). During the 15-minute break in the middle of the broadcast, I called a delegation of church members in northeastern Ohio who were kind enough to watch along with me. They were definitely moved and challenged by the material. But the best part of all is that Platt and Chan have given legs to the idea. They’ve prepared a 24-lesson discipleship course so that virtually ANYONE now has a concrete plan for bringing along a friend to the foot of the Cross and beyond. In Platt’s prayer at the end of the production, he shares his heart — that they won’t quit “Until all nations know…” They’re singing our song and, if you ask me, we should get on board and back the movement. Learn more — and tune in this Saturday no matter where you are in the world (if your internet is fast enough to support real-time streaming) at…



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  1. dave Reply

    I couldn’t find the 24 lessons .. “They’ve prepared a 24-lesson discipleship course …” Where can I find this; it sounds very useful. Dave

    • Editor Reply

      Sure — it took me a few moments to rediscover it myself. Just browse to http://www.multiplymovement.com/#material then click on “Part I.” When you do, there will be 3 sections appear to the right. You’ll have to download each section individually. Then click on Part II, rinse, and repeat. :-) It’s all flash-driven, so it doesn’t produce separate direct links.
      By the way — the thought just occurred to me — if you decide to download the material (all 24 lessons), please send me a compiled copy and, assuming it’s not copyrighted (and I doubt they copyrighted it since they placed it on the open web anyway), we’ll post it here on Brigada as a compiled one-stop download version. Just a thought. If it’s copyrighted, then we’re out of luck. Thanks for the questio, Dave.

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