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1) A Christmas Gift to Brigada in Honor of the Unreached?

As you plan your Christmas giving this season, would you consider a Christmas gift to Brigada in accordance with the way God has blessed you? Last year, one Brigada participant gave a $2000 gift! Can someone or some church match or improve on that this year? But a gift of any amount would help. $500, $250, $100, $50, even $25 would be great. If everyone reading this gave just $25, you would end our fundraiser in one single week. It’s easy to give. Just click “Donate” in the upper right of this page, then follow the instructions. By the way, you don’t need a PayPal account to give. If you reach a screen asking for your PayPal I.D., look on the left side of the screen, about halfway down, and find the prompt which says, “Continue without a PayPal Account.” If you’d rather send an old-fashioned check, just make it payable to Team Expansion and send it to:

Team Expansion (Brigada),
13711 Willow Reed Dr.,
Louisville, KY 40299

(And by the way, Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.)

2) Podio Fosters Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication

Check it out at…


Just so you know, your visit won’t generate a kickback to Brigada. But it might unlock a new epoch of collaboration, creativity, and communication among your departments, teams, and members. And what’s more, it features a zero-knowledge encryption model. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s totally okay. The bottom line is that — not even the executives at Podio have the ability to read what you type there. Sure you can use Facebook. But who KNOWS who will be able to read what you write on your Facebook page (even the private group page). Podio is run by Citrix, the same people who bring you GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and tons of other collaborative projects. This Podio product is gradually being viewed as a direct competitor to Facebook for organizations that have sensitive data, and to Sharepoint for those who want to share files securely. What’s more — it’s easy and fun. Try it for free and you’ll agree, you see.

3) Browser Wars: Who will Come Out on Top?

We mentioned last week that, over the past 30 days, thousands of users from 129 different countries have visited our site here online and — Guess what browser was most popular among us: Google Chrome (with 26% of the market), then Firefox (with 24%), then Safari (with 23%), and after those 3, at a distant fourth, Internet Explorer (19%). (Others were used by a smaller percentage.) To me, this was a radical revelation. It means that the once-might Microsoft browser apparently isn’t even among the top three preferences. Three years ago, if you would have predicted this outcome, I would have probably laughed. Also, by the way, there were 4000 visits from mobile devices alone, with Apple’s iPhone being the most popular. Now I realize the Brigada audience is not necessarily representative of the entire Internet (thank goodness), but it’s an interesting subset, none the less.

4) What’s Your Favorite Backup Software?

You know, I’m convinced, when it comes to backup software, the fewer steps, the better. If I don’t have to plug in an outboard hard-drive and click on a backup program, I confess: my computer gets backed up about 20 times as often now that I’ve hooked up to an online backup, as opposed to the outboard (hardware) type drive I used for years. I’m sure there are people with great memories. I’m not one of them. I love a “fire and forget” solution. Greg our I.T. guy, recommended Spideroak for me.


(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

He said lots of other agencies were using it these days. He said that it [also] was an end-to-end encryption solution (like Podio), in which the company’s employees can’t read my data while they’re there, sitting in front of the server farm, baton-twirling an ink pen while they click the button on the end. You might prefer a different solution though. You could try one of these two…



But what’s YOUR favorite back-up software? How do YOU avoid disaster? Please jot a note in the Comment box below this items as it’s displayed on the Brigada web page. We appreciate your input!

5) Weary of Facebook Spam? Maybe This is a Solution

Are you tired of people inviting you to play the latest dumb Facebook game? You’ve tried ignoring it — but you’ve reached a point of despair? A couple of friends recently suggested I try one of these type of fixers:




I tried out the first one… and I’m already happy, so I don’t even know if I’ll try the second one. Basically, what these tools do for you is clean up Facebook. They get rid of those pesky ads, for one thing. You know… the ones with the scantily-clad ladies? And beyond that, they keep all the games from auto-robo-emailing you. So far,I’ll have to admit, I’m loving it. Is there any downside to FBPurity.com? Either way, please tell us YOUR fix.

6) Switching from PDF-based to Email-based Reporting: Yechhh

I’m guessing I’m not the only one trying to make the jump from paper-based reporting over to these new HTML-based email reports (MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact, etc.). Is there an easier way? Back when I did paper-based reports, I could print to a PDF, then send an email with the PDF attachment. Life was good. Except then I started reading about how few people open up all those attached PDF’s. I saw all kinds of advice to switch to a straight email-based (HTML) solution. But now, how do I send a paper-based report to the people who still use old-fashioned postal-service snail-mail? I print the native email-based report, using the “Printer format” feature in iContact, but I have to confess, it’s downright ugly. Is there any better way of doing this? Do we have to construct two native versions (no time for that). Ideas??? Your solution??? Please use the Comment box below the online version of Brigada (constructed in native web format, as opposed to the native email format for those preferring the email version).

7) PeopleGroups.org: We Like What You’ve Done to the Place!

Wow — talk about a refresh. Hats off to the folks at…


Our friends at JoshuaProject.net alerted us to the fact that there had been a refresh… but this is like an entirely new website. So clean… “Explore, Understand, Connect, Act.” Four great verbs that could change the world. “Reliable, Relevant, Real-time” — what more could a person ask, when seeking to change the future of unreached peoples?! Love it.

8) Prezi just Keeps on Imprezzing

OK — so I admit it: I have an app-crush on Prezi. And if their website version wasn’t enough…


then their desktop app for Windows was plenty more. And now, this past week, they add Prezi for iPhone! (Find it for free in the app store.) Honestly, with apologies to all our friends at Microsoft, I can’t imagine ever starting from scratch with a Powerpoint presentation again. Prezi is just so much… FUN. Plus, for some reason, I don’t feel compelled to have to find all those little clip-art graphics for each slide or view — or whatever we should call it now in Prezi. Instead, I can focus on CONTENT! As far as the iPhone app goes, I’ll admit that the welcome is weird. The first thing one has to do is log OUT so one can log back in with one’s actual Prezi user name and password  — but once you get past the “null” log-in process, the app is beautiful, like everything else Prezi. Sigh. And I get PAID to do this stuff???

9) “Renew” Sets You Up With a Complete Projector Solution

We’re talking — micro-SD memory chip plus projector plus screen plus solar charger plus speakers and even a cool carry bag, all for around $1000 bucks.


Wow. And get this: If you can’t afford the kit for your national partner, and if you want to use it to show the Jesus Film to an unengaged unreached people group, who knows — the folks at Jesus Film just might buy the kit for your national partner anyway! It’s that good. Back in the old days, remember when we used to have to have a JEEP to carry all this stuff around??? It was such a pain. And so heavy. This little bag … I’m not kidding… it’s like carrying around one’s lunch! And I just saw one in action… and it would probably work for 100 people. (If this is the first time they’ve ever seen the Jesus Film, and if they’re willing to crowd up, maybe 150!) Hats off to the engineers at Renew for world-class stuff!

10) There Is A Revolution Taking Place In World Mission

The revolution integrates evangelism and discipleship with health education, agriculture, small business development, justice and compassion. The goal is to proclaim Christ in word and deed, bring people to faith in Christ, and transform communities from the inside out. Now you can gather with mission leaders from across the country and explore cutting-edge strategies to better reach the nations and your own city with the truth and touch of Jesus. Take it all in at the

International Wholistic Missions Conference, Jan. 9-11, 2013, Peoria, AZ. For more information and to register go to


I’ll be there, Lord willing, and I’d love to meet you personally. (They’ve got Fikkert, author of “When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor. . .and Yourself.” Is there anyone on earth that is not talking about this book? :-) )

11) Church Presentation Software — for Missionaries too!

This is NOT your dad’s church presentation software. (I’m so very sorry — again — to the folks in Redmond.) This whole Proclaim stuff… Are we not living in the most fun epoch ever in the history of Christianity? :-) First, watch the video here…

Then, after a couple of strokes to the chin as you ponder how you might be able to use this stuff, visit their website…


Get your worship planner on the same page as your preaching pastor. Raise funds (on the spot). Give people your digital prayer card. Instantly. All from the folks who bring you Logos software. That’s right…


And — yes, if you’re going to buy some of their Bible software, please do use the link above. Because they did send a gift to Brigada and we’d love for them to know that we appreciate them. But as for the Proclaim thing, we’re just proclaiming that because it looks really cool. Hope it can help you have fun with the greatest Cause ever.

12) The Best Sources for Health Insurance for Missionaries?

Where do YOU shop for health insurance? This is a routine question from our friends that are living in dangerous places. It’s one that deserves another round of information-gathering. Where’s the best deal in the world to keep them healthy??? Please use the Comment box below this item online to give us a website, phone number, or other referral for the best coverage for the best price health/medical insurance. Thanks!

13) We’re Grateful…

Hats off to our long-time friend from Plano, TX, who sent $50…

And thanks to the ministry of TeamCZECH for the $30 gift! Your work with the South City (Háje) Church seems second to none in what just might be the most atheistic nation in the world! Learn more at…


We appreciate you!!!

And we’re grateful to the New Zealand kiwi who sent $50!

And one Brigada participant sent $100, reporting that their “free Mobile Dental Clinic just went over 1.5 million in free dental care yesterday.  We bought the clinic and put it into ministry in Feb. 09, working in Memphis and the Mid South and yesterday we crossed the $1.5 million in free dentistry. We’ve seen 757 people saved through the outreach.  More info at our website


Praise God for effective ministries — who will then share with others!

Thanks to the Brigada reader who loves Unreached Peoples who sent $100!

And thanks to a member of Wycliffe who also sent $150. He had just returned from the Mobile Ministry Forum at Wycliffe this week. “Some of the things mentioned were incredible. And I learned about it from Brigada! Fussed at some folks [who] didn’t come. How else will we address the 80% morality issue? Phones are certainly a key.

14) The BackPage: “Finishing the Task” Group Scores Big

Each year, I make sure to attend Paul Eshleman’s “Finishing the Task” conference. It’s a small group — usually 50 people or so. But honestly, for me personally, I prefer the small networking groups (as opposed to the big meetings of 4000 people) anyway. Learn more about Finishing the Task and its goals here…


Opening day at FTT2012 carried some great news.

*** 981 ministries are participating
*** 225 ministries have sent full-time workers (and reported it) to previously unengaged unreached people groups (UUPG’s).
*** 851 UUPG’s with populations over 25,000 have been engaged (and are still in engaged)
*** 431 additional UUPG’s have been “adopted” with an intent engage in the future
*** 9476 full-time workers have been recruited
*** 19,594 churches have been planted
*** 831,088 new believers now exist in previously Unengaged people groups

Wow — read over those stats again. This has got to be one of the most effective and efficient initiatives ever staged. To learn more about the background for Finishing the Task, watch this video snapshot…

Great story, eh?

Throughout the day (Day 1), we looked at objectives and purpose of FTT, the data collection process, the lists used, the difficulties in prioritizing people groups, and a ton of case studies. We pondered how to get more people groups engaged and talked specifically about engaging (and loving) people groups in Muslim lands. All in one day!

You can learn a lot more at the FinishingTheTask site, but on the whole, I’d say this is a cause that’s worth it. God bless Paul and the entire Finishing The Task network!

PS. Would you like to pray for an “Unengaged, Unreached People Group,” as defined by the Finishing the Task network ( www.finishingthetask.com )? It’s simple. Just browse to this Form

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