3) A Missions Wiki

A long-time Brigada reader thinks that someone or some mission organization in the greater missions community ought to start a missions wiki.  Modeled after Wikipedia, it would allow many registered users to contribute articles on a variety of relevant subjects, which are then subject to editing and correction by the community.  Think of the knowledge that could be shared freely among a very large group of people.  The submitter has no idea how to pull this off, but believes that someone out there does. There have been a couple of attempts at this. Could we please list them in the Comments following this item in the online version of Brigada?

3 Responses to 3) A Missions Wiki
  1. Andrew Steele Reply

    Better still, why not work with Wikipedia to put the entries into Wikipedia itself.

    Far better to have one place to search for everything than to create a ring-fenced place to search for one type of information then have to go elsewhere to search for something else.

  2. Robby Butler Reply

    I have been envisioning something which covers a variety of mission topics (CPMs, Orality, etc.) with a subsite for each that would include:
    – orientation for “newbies,”
    – interaction for practitioners, and
    – digests and links to related articles.

    If you would be interested in working together toward something like this over the course of this year, email me  (RobbyQButleratgmaildotcom)  

  3. Ken Guenther Reply

    Our mission’s training department has developed a wiki to share resources for our missionaries but people from all over the world regularly access it. It can be found at http://sendu.wikispaces.com/.

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