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In the 2013-01-27 edition:
1) Joshua Project Introduces “Wall of the Unreached”
2) New Community Development Curriculum on DVD
3) Call For Papers – Vulnerable Mission
4) What’s the Best Offline, customizable map app?
5) How Can You Help Others Learn Bible Stories More Effectively?
6) New Online File Archive Site Seems Most Promising
7) Need Ideas to Strengthen your Short-Term Missions Outreach?
8) Learn to Share Jesus Online
9) TESOL training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. February 25-March 29
10) CoolTools: What’s the Best Water Filter System for Travelers?
11) TripIt: Probably Beats out TripCase
12) TimeDial Can Predict the Damage (for international calls)
13) We Give Thanks
14) TheBackPage: Assessing Your Threat Level Awareness Color
15) Closing Stuff

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  1. Dennis Miller Reply

    Congratulations on your 18 years of service to the Missions Community. You have stuck to it more than likely because it is a calling from God and not just something you felt like doing. duh….thanks for all the time and effort and keystrokes.

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