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Brigada Today — 2013-02-24

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In this edition:
1) Conclusion to “Best Water Filter System for Travelers”
2) Which are Your Favorite Songs for Mission Trips?
3) Here’s a Site that Will Fight for your Right to a Flight
4) Give Me Your Eyes — Brandon Heath
5) COSIM conference to be held May 6-8 in Phoenix
6) Hands & Feet — Audio Adrenaline
7) Training Opportunities with YWAM in Pennsylvania
8) I Refuse — Josh Wilson
9) Seamless Archive/Backup (Especially for Ubuntu Users)
10) All In The Serve — Michael W. Smith
11) Learn to Build Seamless Partnerships in Less than Six Weeks
12) My Own Little World — Matthew West
13) A Penny for Your Thoughts about Honor and Shame
14) TheBackPage: What’s Your Purpose in Life?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Conclusion to “Best Water Filter System for Travelers”

Clearbrook Water Filter

Clearbrook Water Filter

In the 2013/01/27 edition of Brigada, we asked for input on water filters. We received some great suggestions, including the new Clearbrook line of “Survival” filters.

These are available for a 10% discount by entering “Missions” at checkout. Note that Brigada booster and friend, Robby, is offering a free sample to the first three people to meet the conditions in his comment at

I have grabbed one, leaving two others up for grabs. Robby reports that
– Clearbrook publishes the best test results he has found on-line

– his interaction with people in the industry indicates that Clearbrook provides the best filtration available on the market today. Also Nick Noll, the MK who owns, is looking eagerly for international BAM partners to fight water-borne disease through local promotion and sale of “point of use” water filtration. (See the Mission Frontiers article “Turning Wine into Clean Water?” at

If you or your agency might be interested, contact Nick directly at +1-205-383-5595.

2) Which are Your Favorite Songs for Mission Trips?

Worship has (rightfully) become a key component for today’s mission trips, vision trips, and prayer journeys. The trouble is, many worship leaders just bring a handful of their normal stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what if we’re missing the boat on stuff that’s really good for mission trips in particular? So, for 100 points :-) (and the opportunity to help a brother or sister who is about to head for the bush), would you ‘Comment’ your favorite mission trip songs? In this week’s Brigada Today (in all the “even” items), we provide some samplers to get you started, making this Brigada Today a Special Missions Music Video Edition:

Live Like That – Sidewalk Prophets

3) Here’s a Site that Will Fight for your Right to a Flight

The concept is simple. If, for any number of reasons, your flight with an airline goes south, the forces behind this site…

will fight for the right to get a settlement. They’ll take 25% as their bounty, and give you the rest. You only pay if you win. How ’bout that? Has anyone actually tried these guys? It looks legit’, but I’d love to hear a real case study from our community. (Thanks to Caleb for the tip.)

5) COSIM conference to be held May 6–8 in Phoenix

The quality of listening, or often the lack thereof, is a big issue in the global Christian movement. So the theme of this year’s COSIM Conference is “LISTEN: Deepening the Conversation in Cross-Cultural Partnership.” They’ve gathered a sharp group of key presenters too numerous to mention here. But learn more at…

COSIM stands for Coalition On the Support of Indigenous Ministries; it is an association of churches and agencies cooperating together to advance the best practices of cross-cultural partnership. For more info, write Phil

7) Training Opportunities with YWAM in Pennsylvania

Get to know God and have a chance to Make Him Known! Youth With A Mission in Lebanon, Pa offers Discipleship Training Schools on August 26, 2013 and ending on January 11, 2014 and again from January 27, 2014 to June 13, 2014. The DTS features 3 months of Discipleship teaching at their training base in the Moravian country of Lebanon, Pa, followed by two months of outreach overseas. Recent outreach locations have been the Ukraine, Romania, London, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Learn to speak English in a loving Christian discipleship atmosphere. English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered for three months at YWAM Lebanon from Sept 16 to Dec 7, 2013.

Learn how to teach English! Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) will be held for one month beginning from April 8 and again from May 20. In addition more courses will be run during the summer and fall at YWAM Lebanon. Learn more at

9) Seamless Archive/Backup (Especially for Ubuntu Users)

Are you one of the 20 million people who use Ubuntu Linux every day? If so, you might truly enjoy this solution for backup and/or file archiving…

The same Brigada reader wrote, “You can do the same thing with Dropbox. Just get a good software package to manage the backup. I wrote my own (that uploads to the Ubuntu cloud), but there are plenty of available alternatives. My software package does this:

1) Compress home directory (from ~60 gigs to 3 gigs)
2) Encrypt compressed files
3) Compare encrypted, compressed files with those in the cloud directory
4) Update any that don’t match

The whole process takes ~2 minutes each night, then I’m always backed up and I never have to think about it. I actually set it to back up to the Ubuntu cloud and Dropbox, that way I always have two copies. The encryption is virtually unbreakable without my key.” Cool. You can probably do that in your spare time too, right? (Thanks for the tip, Chris!)

11) Learn to Build Seamless Partnerships in Less than Six Weeks

If you have to build a strong partnership with someone from another culture, don’t give up until you run, rather than walk, to…

I’ve used this course with new friends in Asia, and I’m about to use it (starting tomorrow) with new friends in Serbia and two days later, in Bulgaria. It’s good stuff. You might have to adapt it to your situation, but it will give you plenty of meat to adapt.

13) A Penny for Your Thoughts about Honor and Shame

I’ve always HEARD that several cultures are based on shame, but I want to be totally vulnerable here: I’ve just never pondered it very closely before. Until I saw this page…

So here’s my question — do you agree or not? In cultures that are reportedly “shame-based,” does this approach seem to more effectively communicate the truths of the Good News? This author believes so:

If that’s been your experience, would you mind typing out a five-line case study? (Doesn’t have to be exactly five lines. I’m just suggesting that ‘short is ok.’) If so, just click “Comment” following the web version of this item and we’ll all greatly appreciate it. For more info, read articles here (several of which are free):

14) TheBackPage: What’s Your Purpose in Life?

The members of the group, Casting Crowns, seem to have the answer to that question figured out, at least for their own lives, that is. Learn more about them at…


You’ve probably heard their tunes, but what you might NOT have heard is that, all the while they’ve been churning out the music, they’ve kept their jobs serving their local churches. The stuff they sing about is the stuff they’ve taught about in real youth group meetings and student home Bible studies. And if you’ve ever read Matthew 24, you know why they wrote, “Until the Whole World Hears.” Listen to the songwriter’s intro of it here…

Now listen to the whole song with new insight:

Until the Whole World Hears — Casting Crowns


15) Closing Stuff

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