4) Your Thoughts on “Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime”

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to hear about this stuff. Can someone comment as to how effective (and sensitive) this book by Mike Shipman is? Suddenly, this week, I’m blitzed from 3 different directions about it. Apparently it has been quite effective with Muslims in Asia? Here’s a piece about it…


Anyone have any personal experience with this approach?

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  1. BDB Moses Reply

    I find Any Three practical and easy to use. What helps me is a comeback to their common response “all religions are the same” to reply yes they are basically the same. We are all trying to get our sin forgiven and to reach God. How are you doing with that?

    I find very useful that a relationship to earn the right to share the gospel can be in minutes where some think it is weeks or months.

    I said all religions are the same but I believer a little different than you…explain grace.. faith… the cross etc.

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