3) Here’s a Site that Will Fight for your Right to a Flight

The concept is simple. If, for any number of reasons, your flight with an airline goes south, the forces behind this site…


will fight for the right to get a settlement. They’ll take 25% as their bounty, and give you the rest. You only pay if you win. How ’bout that? Has anyone actually tried these guys? It looks legit’, but I’d love to hear a real case study from our community. (Thanks to Caleb for the tip.)

3 Responses to 3) Here’s a Site that Will Fight for your Right to a Flight
  1. Andrew Steele Reply

    This service could be great if you don’t have time to make the claim yourself. As ever it provides a service which you can do yourself without charge.

    But remember, they are claiming the compensation fee laid down under EU law for delays/cancellations etc made by the airline rather than the fare paid. It doesn’t cover missed flights or cancellation by the passenger.

  2. Lynn Taubeneck Reply

    They only work on cases where the ticket is Is £600 GBP or less ($900 USD). Major airlines have good systems for you to get your own refund, why give 25% to someone in Great Briton for doing what you can do yourself?

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