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Brigada Today — 2013-03-03

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Wall of Unreached Peoples
In this edition:
1) Kingdom Come Training: Bringing You To Full Funding Fast
2) Missionary Marriage Issues: Free Download
3) Free Online Chronological Bible Survey
4) JoshuaProject.net Posts New Offerings
5) Trouble Viewing Last Week’s Edition?
6) Free Papers And New HQ Staff
7) Internet Evangelism Day set for 21 April 2013
8) Digital evangelism conference in Nigeria, April 2013
9) Is Global Great Commission Network Gaining Traction?
10) First Spanish Language Evangelistic Smartphone App Released
11) Calling All Security Advisors: Where Do You Get Your Updates?
12) Free missions series starts March 14
13) We’re Greatly Grateful…
14) The BackPage: Feedback from the Field
15) Closing Stuff

1) Kingdom Come Training: Bringing You To Full Funding Fast

Kingdom Come Training

Kingdom Come Training

Everyone who completes the KCT accelerated partnership ministry program is asked how they would recommend it to others.  Here is the typical response: “Do it! KCT is fun, motivating, energetic and a confidence lifter. This course will change your dread of ‘fundraising’ into an uncontrollable desire to seek out partners.” Several thousand faith ministry workers with over 200 agencies have made the same discovery. KCT is partnership ministry training linked with ongoing coaching and accountability, designed to bring you to 100% funding in four, six, eight or ten months at the most, depending on the intensity of the work you are willing to do. The training and coaching is done over live, interactive videoconferencing which means no travel time or expense. Check them out at:


2) Missionary Marriage Issues: Free Download

Marriage is complicated enough! Then when you add a cross-cultural living situation and a cross-cultural ministry, things begin to get really confusing. The nineteen chapters in “Missionary Marriage Issues” will help you navigate your way through the confusion. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…


4) JoshuaProject.net Posts New Offerings

The elves at JoshuaProject.net have been busy. You can download free mobile apps, sign up for the “Unreached People Group of the Day,” study stats, learn about a traveling exhibit called “The Wall of Unreached Peoples,” download prayer cards, study all their new cool maps, get a multi-lingual overview, and even download bulletin inserts, videos, and presentations. Do it all here, at JoshuaProject.


5) Trouble Viewing Last Week’s Edition?

At least one reader had trouble, apparently, understanding last week’s Special Missions Music Video Edition. If the little video snippets didn’t show up in your email version, the idea was to navigate to…


to actually VIEW the videos. So if you were frustrated, sorry if we didn’t make it plain enough. You had to click on the LINK in the Brigdaa Today, or alternately, just read the edition on the web. But those videos really did exist.

6) Free Papers And New HQ Staff

Here’s an outreach literature team for Africa and Asia offering you their free papers and seeking new HQ staff. SOON Ministries, based in Derby UK, urgently needs 4-6 new full-time staff, if their ministry is to continue after 2015. Skills needed include writing, IT and database, administration and PR, and social media:


Meantime, you can request free copies in any reasonable quantity of their single-sheet outreach papers in easy-English, African French, African Portuguese, Swahili and Fulani dialects:


7) Internet Evangelism Day set for 21 April 2013

Internet Evangelism Day is an annual focus day and a year-round resource guide on all aspects of digital evangelism. They encourage churches, mission agencies and other groups to use the opportunity to focus on the growing range of opportunities to integrate digital into their ministries. A twice-monthly email newsletter and blog offer more resources and news. They can also offer personal consultation, conference speakers, or network you with others who can help you. Learn more at…


9) Is Global Great Commission Network Gaining Traction?

The Global Great Commission Network is a cooperative follow-up ministry of the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation.  The purpose and role of the GGCN can be summarized in the following three values:

***  The Global Great Commission Network exists to broadly encourage collaboration and partnership.

***  The Global Great Commission Network exists to stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation.

***  The Global Great Commission Network exists not to compete with, but to serve and support other networks and ministries.

Learn more at…


So my question is, is this network gaining traction at your church, agency or group? If so, please write a comment on our online web version. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give.

11) Calling All Security Advisors: Where Do You Get Your Updates?

Suppose you advise your church or agency on global terrorism, security, emergency response procedures and more. What websites do you frequent? Where do you get the lowdown on events like… demonstrations in Bulgaria, or the impact in France on French intervention in Mali? We’re not looking for the ones that are so secret that, if you told us, you’d have to kill us. :-) We’re just hoping you’ll share the ones that are already public on the web anyway. :-) Please make a comment on the web version of this post, using the link below.

12) Free missions series starts March 14

These weekly tutorials are designed to cover all the basic elements of world missions. Each blog will feature a different subject, like countries, religions, languages, peoples, terminology, missionaries, and agencies. Further blogs will discuss ways to get involved, like supporting, praying, volunteering, traveling, etc. Participants can add comments and dig deeper using assignments and links. Sign up (free) to get the whole series at


13) We’re Greatly Grateful…

*** For $29.39, given by originators of the Clearbrook water Filter, available at


*** For a $30 gift from Go International! We appreciate your gift!

*** For a $50 gift from Kingdom Come Training! Thanks for your help getting workers geared up, both through your training, as well as through your gift to Brigada!

*** For a $100 gift from Mission Network, now in Mount Vernon, WA. For these gifts and for the gift of prayer and encouragement, thank you!!!

14) The BackPage: Feedback from the Field

Visiting the field helps keep one fresh and “plugged-in” to the issues affecting our global workers. These past couple of weeks, I’ve been traveling through Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Here are three sample issues I’ve picked up on. Are these affecting your field too? What’s your take on them?

*** Living in an age of political uncertainty — It’s always been dicey out there in certain fields. However, since the terrorist bombings in Kenya and the attacks on 9/11, since Afghanistan and Iraq, and since the so-called Arab Awakenings, …is it my imagination, or are we living in a time more unstable, politically and economically, and ever before? This creates added stress for cross-cultural workers, who already had more stress than they needed just dealing with language, culture, and strategy.

*** Will community transformational ministries speed up or slow down the establishment of strong church-planting movements (CPM’s) — In the CPM’s that Garrison studied, he concluded that they seemed to swirl around the “10 universals” that he discovered. (Read more at…

http://simplechurchathome.com/PDF&PowerPoint/ChurchPlantingMovements.pdf )

At one point, he even went so far as to say that the movements that he studied didn’t result from community projects. Do you have any experience with CPM’s that DID come about by transformational service projects?

*** Paying nationals — Is it my imagination, or are more and more churches (in missionary sending lands) wanting to support the work of nationals from other countries rather than sending out members of their own homeland? In their zeal to do so, are they sometimes resorting to the equivalent of paying the salaries of national pastors and, if so, is this bad strategy for growing the indigenous church?

We appreciate your feedback and input on these issues. If you have an opinion, please click “Comment” in the online (web) version of Brigada and tell us what you think. You can always do so anonymously if you choose. Thanks in advance for participating!

15) Closing Stuff

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