11) Calling All Security Advisors: Where Do You Get Your Updates?

Suppose you advise your church or agency on global terrorism, security, emergency response procedures and more. What websites do you frequent? Where do you get the lowdown on events like… demonstrations in Bulgaria, or the impact in France on French intervention in Mali? We’re not looking for the ones that are so secret that, if you told us, you’d have to kill us. :-) We’re just hoping you’ll share the ones that are already public on the web anyway. :-) Please make a comment on the web version of this post, using the link below.

4 Responses to 11) Calling All Security Advisors: Where Do You Get Your Updates?
  1. Ed Beach Reply

    A very helpful global security issues update source is the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s emailed updates. Morning, afternoon and weekly editions are available. To subscribe, send email to:
    cmalert-subscribe (at) yahoogroups.com

  2. Jay Reply

    I’ve trusted Crisis Consulting International for several years now. They have great write-ups on their website, offer in-person practical training for field workers, and even do hostage negotiation.

  3. Larry Jones Reply

    Every day I go to http://www.debka.com for the latest news on the Middle East and Israel. They have both a free limited service and a paid subscription full service.

    If you have the mobile platform app: “Israel Underground”, it is essentially a summary of many of the Debka paid subscription articles.

    Are they accurate? The day after the US ambassador was killed in Bengahazi, Debka reported this to be a coordinated attack by Al Qaeda and not an unorganized mob over an obscure video. It took the American gov’t weeks to conclude the same.

  4. john dettoni Reply

    1.Overseas Security Advisory Council – as per above; excellent and covers the world; free to subscribe
    2. U.S. State Dept.- also free

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