12) I’m Not Color-Sophisticated

By the time I was 9, I was so color deficient, Indiana University used me in a nationwide study on color blindness. So I’m probably the last person you want developing your color templates for the web. But thankfully, Brigada reader, Eric, has pointed us to…


Web designers there, who can detect color combinations much more effectively than I, tell us basically what works and what doesn’t. I like it. And by the way, if you have trouble seeing any of the colors or combinations you see on Brigada’s online web version, please tell us. If you like, just use the comments below this item to point out our mismatch(es).

2 Responses to 12) I’m Not Color-Sophisticated
  1. Harold Klassen Reply

    This URL doesn’t seem to work.

    http://www.dot.lighthouse.org is not found.

  2. Bob A Reply

    The correct address is — http://www.lighthouse.org/accessibility/design/accessible-print-design/effective-color-contrast

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