10) How Do We Simplify Our Story?

Talking with these fellow CEO’s of mission agencies, the thoughts emerged — How do we simplify the story of our organization’s past, present and future. Several of my compadres had settled on a quest to come up with harder data categories. They had come to the point that they weren’t so fond of telling the “what’s” any more. They were realizing that people (prayer partners, donors, and friends) wanted to know the “Why’s” of our work. They were now investigating time and energy in figuring out how to INSPIRE the local church. A Bible translation group had sorted out the cost of translating each verse of scripture. A missions-focused seminary had figured out how much it would cost to double its student body. Their conclusion: Everybody’s looking for return on his or her investment. Bigger donors are asking the question, “If I give you $1000, what difference will it generate?” Interesting stuff.

(Thanks for the tip, Tony!)

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