7 Responses to 2) Your Help with a Brigada Logo
  1. Trip Kimball Reply

    Brigada (imo) functions as a communication network for cross-cultural missions. But the name implies a bridge. So, perhaps a bridge image expressing the idea of worldwide communication.
    Easy! LOL … not easy, but that’s my idea ;-)

  2. Kelly E McClelland Reply

    I have been a Brigada subscriber from the first few issues and have a pile of them saved on floppy diskettes to prove it. Brigada has been a treasure chest of tips, ideas, divine connections and encouragement to me over all those years and a gazillion words. It has been a favorite resource to share with churches and mission advocates too.

    An image of a stream of information and a connection to the rest of the missions tribe has popped into my mind as I thought and prayed about the logo. Perhaps that might inspire a creative graphics option?

    I see some simple and clean designs, but nothing has so grabbed my spirit that I have shouted AMEN yet!

    Blessings and confirmation from above be yours…

    in HIM,

  3. Mark Sequeira Reply

    Some ideas:
    A network hub
    a viral network
    nerve synapse
    A neural network

  4. Larry Reply

    how about a big bucket above the word BRIGADA pouring out water through the word BRIGADA into the many (7?) small buckets under the word BRIGADA — representing how Brigada fills others with resources who give life giving water to the masses. Maybe with the whole thing encircled? Maybe with stick figures holding the buckets??

    • Anonymous Reply

      I agree with Larry’s idea. The whole idea of a bucket brigade offers the clearest image to associate with Brigada.

  5. Karl Reply

    Suggest an image representing the globe or all the world with a feature embracing the world, perhaps the cross.

  6. James Reply

    How about “Brigada” on a luggage tag or incorporating a compass next to the name? Just a thought…

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