3) Free Faithlife Bible App WITH NIV if you Download by April 8

This is one of those dated items. If you’re seeing this after April 8, it’s too late. Faithlife Study Bible (by Logos Software) is offering their app for FREE, as in no cost whatsoever. It’s available in IOS, Android and Kindle Fire. I can’t figure out why you WOULDN’T want to download this — unless you’re out of memory? Use it offline when your favorite online Bible isn’t available. I had been using Olive Tree, then I tried Bible Gateway. Just installed this and it’s INSTANTLY better. Search for it in your online marketplace or app store. Awesome. And now with the NIV. Free. You heard it on Brigada. :-)

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  1. Tara Singh Kathayat Reply


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  3. Dwight Lehman Reply

    It may be free app but you have to register on their website which doesn’t seem to be working correctly at this time when you register. Just so you know!

  4. Robby Butler Reply

    website registration worked for me. Bible came with Lexham English Bible chosen, but I found the NIV by digging around:
    1. Upper left button to search and other features
    2. Rightmost “gear” tab for settings
    3. Second option: “Settings”
    4. Set “Preferred Bible

  5. Robby Butler Reply

    The Settings didn’t seem to change which Bible I was viewing. Try this instead:
    1. Tap upper left button to “Go” (search by reference) and other features.
    2. Swipe “Right to Left” for “Resources”
    3. Select “Bibles”
    4. Choose NIV.

    To search by keyword:
    1. Tap upper left button to “Go” (search by reference) and other features.
    2. Swipe “Left to Right” for “Search”

    • Kathy W Bowe Reply

      Thanks so much, Robbie, for your great instructions on how to chanqe this program’s from Lexicon to NIV.
      If I hadn’t run across your comments (perhaps the Lord guided me), my next step was to uninstall the program.

  6. Kathy W Bowe Reply

    Many thanks to Robby Butler’s
    2nd comment post of Apr 4th. Only after following his specific instructions was I able to change my Bible version to NIV.
    Since this great offer expires Apr 8th, please fix the website to be much more user-friendly for others trying to chanqe to NIV.
    Thank you for creating a great Bible website. I know will use this for many years now that the initial glitch has been dealt with.

  7. David Getsch Reply

    I was unable to find any way to get this application – tried clicking everywhere on the message.

    • Anonymous Reply

      David, just log into the App Store ( if you’re a Mac user) and do a quick search. It will come up.

    • Editor Reply

      Hi David. “Anonymous” is right. I think you should be able to use your phone, iPad or Kindle Fire — and log into whatever app you use to search for apps for your device. Search for Faithlife Bible and you should find it. You really don’t even need a computer to do this.

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