4) Is there a Forum Specifically for Missions Mobilizers?

This past week, a Brigada participant asked if there was any specific online forum (other than Brigada, of course) specifically for Missions Mobilizers. We knew about the Catalyst e-zine at…


But we wondered if there was some kind of regular physical gathering, or at least a regular online get-together of mobilizers around the world. If there are, and if that’s public knowledge, would you use the comment box below to share more information about it please? Thanks!

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  1. Mark Naylor Reply

    Catalyst Services has a number of excellent articles on mobilizing for Missions and Ellen Livingood is an excellent resource herself:

    • Kelly E McClelland Reply

      Ellen at Catalyst Services also does regional and national conferences for mobilizers for both churches and agencies. I highly recommend them.

      The Personnel Conference that Missio Nexus does is another good gathering of mobilizers that takes place annually. This year it is combined into the Mission Leaders Conference 2013 in Dallas in September.

      Would be great to see some other options!

  2. Don Parrott Reply

    Ideation, held each year in May, is just for mobilizers…excellent time. At International Teams this year, May 9-10 https://training.iteams.us

    The annual Personnel conference sponsored by Missio Nexus has a track for mobilizers. Coming out of that there is a Facebook group for mobilizers.

    There is some early planning for an Ideation in southern CA next year.

  3. Karen Hatley Reply

    Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas mobilizers meet on first Thursday of each month (except in summer)

  4. Grant Haynes Reply

    Atlanta mobilizers (ATL2UPG) meet the second Wed. of every month and there is a group in NW Arkansas as well. I’d love to see the link for the facebook mobilizers group.

  5. Ellen Livingood Reply

    While there is lots of overlap, I think it is accurate to say that IDEATION is designed by and for those whose task centers on discovery and recruitment of new workers. Missio Nexus’ PERSONNEL CONFERENCE focuses primarily on concerns related to HR–the folks who pick up where the recruitment staff leave off. Catalyst’s INTERCHANGE conference is designed for agency and church personnel who are working with local churches in all aspects of mobilization and partnership development.

    Catalyst also recently introduced its Worth Considering… blog http://www.catalystservices.org/blog/ . Subscribe and comment. We welcome guest bloggers. Contact us if you would like to stir the pot on a particular topic.

  6. Marti Wade Reply

    A year or two ago I made a list of two dozen community-based mission networks of various flavors, see http://missionscatalyst.net/?page_id=2547

    Additions, updates welcome!

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