3) We’re Going to Send You Packing (There’s an App for that)

quinn_packingOK, here’s the deal: If you haven’t tried Quinn Genzel’s “Packing” app, you’ll want to. With Version 9.0 that was just released this past week, the app added multi-person, multi-bag list support (great for family trips), the ability to filter lists by bag and/or person, and the ability to create pre-trip “to do” lists with your packing checklists. This app will set you back 99 cents, but you’ll pay that off the first time you don’t have to buy something that you would have otherwise forgotten. The easiest way to find it is to search the app store or marketplace for your smartphone for the term, “Quinn packing” — That should get you to the right place. But to confirm, learn more about the app here:


If you’re an industrial-strength user, check out Packing Pro at


(Wade, I really owe you for this one. This is a fantastic find. Thanks from all of us who will feel — and be — more prepared for our next trip, and the one after that, and the one after that. :-) )

4 Responses to 3) We’re Going to Send You Packing (There’s an App for that)
  1. Bill Bloom Reply

    WOW! What a great looking app. However, sadly it seems to be made for the MAC platform only :-(. What about a version for android or windows systems?

    • Editor Reply

      Hi Bill. About Packing — we were actually thinking of it solely for iPhone and iPad. Maybe someone else knows of a similar app for other systems?

  2. Charles Cherry Reply

    Same as Bill – iPhone only – too bad for us Windows Phone users.

  3. Brian Reply

    I agree with the post & the comments. Packing & Packing Pro are fantastic apps, and the developer has typically been very responsive, but it is too bad that an Android version hasn’t been developed. That said, it is an app that takes some time. Even when I was using my iPad and iPod Touch regularly, I found I steered away from the app b/c it was a bit too full-featured. Now I use Wunderlist, which has apps for both iOS and Android as well as (I think) a Windows desktop app. And you can use it with any web browser, as well. It is more of a to-do list type of app, but works well for any kind of lists. The interface is simple & clean, and you can share lists with others. And the fact that it is multii-platform makes it much more usable for me. Another plus – it is nice to have a single app that serves multiple purposes well (packing, shopping, to do, things to read, etc.).

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