3) In Your Ideal World, What would a “Brigada App” Do?

Suppose we were going to create a Brigada ‘app’ for IOS and Android. What should it ‘do’? Think outside the box, please. If you get a moment, open our normal website in your iPhone, iPad or Android browser. How would you prefer that a specialized app would improve on your Brigada experience. We’re considering building one — and your ideas could help us a LOT in putting together something that really “scratches an itch” that matters. Thanks in advance for any help. Just click on “Comment” following the online version of this item.

8 Responses to 3) In Your Ideal World, What would a “Brigada App” Do?
  1. Eddie Smith Reply

    We have an app and I have an app maker, pastor, who creates good ones at incredible prices. :) I’m sure he would have some great answers to the question, why.

  2. Andrew Steele Reply

    The beauty of Brigada is the delivery of ideas and resources to My Email inbox. I can follow up on the idea with a quick click. I rarely need to visit the Brigada website and can’t imagine why I would need or want an app. A website that works mobile is more than adequate.

    • Editor Reply

      OK Andrew. That’s exactly the kind of feedback we need. Anyone else disagree? … or have other insights?

  3. Marti Wade Reply

    I think I agree with Andrew – if the emails/website are designed with mobile-responsive text, that’s all I need. Thanks for continuing to press on for what’s going to be most helpful, though!

    • Editor Reply

      OK Marti and Andrew — if you’ve tried the Brigada website in Mobile, I trust you’ve seen that, indeed, we’re using a mobile-responsive format on the site — so it should size up well, regardless of whether you’re viewing on a smartphone, an iPad or other slate, or a large screen monitor. But just trying to meet everybody’s needs as much as possible. Thanks.

  4. Steve A Reply

    If an app would be developed, one that could help church mission team or mobilizers could be helpful.

  5. Marti Wade Reply

    There may be an untapped audience – or greater reader engagement – that could come from having an app, but the emails that can be read on a mobile seem quite sufficient. I

  6. Daniel Reply

    I find that I open websites directly in Mobile Safari rather than in apps. As long as the site is optimized for mobile or is responsive, I don’t think an app is necessary.

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