9) If You Minister to Those in the USA, Try “NextDoor”

Is your ministry in the USA? Would you benefit by a community focus in your neighborhood? If so, try the great new community-builder called “NextDoor.” A Brigada reader referred us to this new Cool Tool just this past week. I decided to try it with my own neighborhood and have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly it is catching on. Already, 23 neighbors have joined me in the new online space that is set aside just for our own subdivision (nobody else can join). Just browse to…


And sign up. It’s absolutely free — and no ads, either. You can delineate the precise perimeter of your neighborhood, and the software will automatically generate postcards and even mail them out for you at no cost. If you know email addresses, you can either send out the link for your new neighborhood yourself, or, if you prefer, provide them, and NextDoor will invite your neighborhood FOR you. Looks like a fantastic tool for community development types — and it’s completely spam-free. Love it.

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