11) Gospel Funder: Innovative Crowd-Funding

You’ve heard of Kickstarter as a crowd-funding technique to launch business start-ups. Now there’s such a thing for missions, churches, and you! You see, unlike Kickstarter, Gospel Funder is a 501(c)3 — so they’re one of the few (maybe the ONLY?) crowd-funding source that works for non-profits. They do regular webinars to explain their ministry. Learn more or sign up for one at


And thanks to Greg (and the rest of the “ICCM Tech” guys) for tipping us off on this.

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  1. Adeusi Awosakin Reply

    Five years ago, we started a Gospel Church in Ile-Ife, Osun State in Nigeria. Much we tried to enlarge the
    church, we have strong financial constraint. In the state we are located, it is legally required that you must register your church before you can out on full
    evangelism. The Registration Fee is $1000. We are now appealing to you if you can please assist us to fund this fee. Any information required will be freely given.

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