14) The BackPage: Muslims are Coming to Isa

I was fascinated by the little 8-minute video that WorldChristian News released in conjunction with this year’s 30-days prayer campaign. Wow. Paul Filidis wrote, “While we see disturbing sound bites from the Muslim world almost nightly on TV, there are now also confirmed reports of an unprecedented turning of Muslims to Jesus.” If you don’t believe him, just watch his eight-minute interview with David Garrison.


In summary, Garrison says that from 623 until the end of the 1800’s, there was perhaps only one documented movement to Jesus among Muslims. Throughout the next 100 years, there were maybe 9 more. But in the past dozen years, already, God has raised up 64 new church-planting movements among Muslims — in addition to the 10 that we knew about before. If this is true (and we trust it is), God has truly been mightily moving among the Islamic world since 2000. Wow. Let’s pray even harder.

So what do YOU think about this unprecedented growth that Garrison describes? Are you seeing it where you work as well? Please write anonymously; don’t take risks that will cause you or anyone else any harm. But rejoice with us that God appears to be “on the move” among Muslims like never before in history.

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  1. Mike Klausmeier Reply

    Yes, we are seeing a tremendous grouth in areas that I have visited. Much of the fruit is coming from Internet and Satellite as it becomes easier for Muslims to find the Word there. It seem that the church is lacking in reaching them, but through electronic media, the Word is getting out.

  2. gwhitney Reply

    We have been working in the M world for almost 30 years. We are seeing some movements but truly it is a drop in the bucket. We were not terribly impressed by the interview. It was a book promo which is fine but there were no substantial facts to back things up in the video.The moderator talked too much and it would have been better if there had been a report.More info less talk!
    Unfortunately although meant as an encouragement It seems to be saying do your part and “pray”. The field is white unto harvest and the workers are way too few.We need to been imparting vision that the job is far from over and hands are need in M countries to bring the harvest in.

    • Dave B. Reply

      I agree with GWhitney 100%.

      While this info is of some encouragement, Christians (in the West and elsewhere) need to mobilize – and do much more than merely ‘pray’. We need to go – even in very difficult places, and support financially, and give substantial moral and spiritual support to those who do go.

      Look at the (“white harvest”) of Muslims around the world; they number like the stars in the sky. Ditto for Hindus and others. We, therefore, dare not take the easy way out and feel good with 64 ‘Jesus’ groups among Muslims.

      Christians in the West have become too comfortable with their blessings; we’ve been blessed with much, and much is expected of us as believers. (Luke 12:48)

  3. Greg Livingstone Reply

    It’s too soon to celebrate,and too soon to quit. We need to keep asking ‘what will be left behind’? How many identifiable fellowships of MBBs are reproducing…a hit on the internet is hardly ‘regeneration’.

    Still, its a lot more than before 1975…so let’s keep beliveing…
    Greg L.

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