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Brigada Today — 2013/07/21

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In this edition:
1) Training for Reigning Institute of Disciple-making (TRIDM)
2) For WordPress Websites: “FAQ” Plug-in for a Great Knowledge Base
3) Call for Ideas: How to Track Medical Records in East Africa
4) Internationals Among Us
5) Conference for Men in Switzerland: September 21-27, 2013
6) Illustrate Your Story —
7) Getting in a Rhythm at
8) I’m a Big Etnopedia Fan
9) Remember: Scoggins “Phases” and His Books are Golden
10) If you like Stats, and Countries, You’ll like this
11) If You’re big on the World, Try this
12) What’s your Favorite Membership and Event Software?
13) We Get Support From…
14) The BackPage: Finishing the Task: the Network
15) Closing Stuff

2) For WordPress Websites: “FAQ” Plug-in for a Great Knowledge Base

For those who use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS) of choice (to design and compose for the web), I’m liking “Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress” as a great plug-in of choice to generate a database driven “Frequently-asked Questions” page. As an example, see the beginnings of my frequently-asked questions page at…

Each of those questions is a separate database record in a custom-Wordpress back-end menu. And it’s all free. Download this plug-in within WordPress by searching for it at your plug-ins page. Or read more about it at…

3) Call for Ideas: How to Track Medical Records in East Africa

This past week, we heard from a worker in a small community based health organization in East Africa. She was wondering if the Brigada family has ever listed any computer-based approaches for keeping track of medical records. She underscored, “The program needs to be easy to use without a lot of training and configurable so we can track the specific parameters related to this condition.” Surely, in all the thousands of CHE workers in the world, there’s at least one community that has come up with a good answer to this question? If you have one, please click “Comment” below the web-version of this item. The Brigada participant in East Africa will be very grateful.

4) Internationals Among Us

coverIn 1991, Neal Pirolo brought us “Serving as Senders.” Last year, he updated this book with a revised edition, “Serving as Senders Today.” Now, next month, Neal is bringing out, “Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home.” Available after August 14, this new work will give you hundreds of ideas of how to minister to seven distinct groups of internationals: Students, Business People, Visitors, Relocating Refugees, Illegal Aliens, MKs, and Ethnic Communities. The People of the Diaspora are open to the Gospel. In a manner of speaking, you can do world missions at home. The book is available at…

5) Conference for Men in Switzerland: September 21-27, 2013

Traction is a 6-day experience September 21-27, 2013 for men who serve in cross-cultural settings. This week of restoration is all about helping guys navigate their roles as leaders in order to gain spiritual footing and momentum to move forward. It is led by Dan and Lori of Catalyst Int’l, a ministry founded in 2004 dedicated to supporting Christian leaders in highly challenging global environments. See all the details at

Register securely at

6) Illustrate Your Story —

I remain committed to learning how to use visuals, such as those at…

to tell our stories. And with, at least I don’t have to be a professional informational graphic artist to churn out useful and interesting charts. I just need some time… and apparently not money. If you’re still wondering what IS Visually, check out the video at…

Basically, it’s a place to create, share and explore great visualizations — which is cool for anyone writing or publishing reports, web stories, fundraising appeals, and more. Which is basically YOU. :-) (Thanks for pointing me to, Caleb.)

7) Getting in a Rhythm at

Want to read back-issues of Brigada Today? Are you one of the types who think of each issue as an issue — in total? If so, we’ve heard from you. We’re trying to get in a rhythm so you can read back-issues as a whole. Just click to…

Then hit ctrl-end to go to the end of the page. When you click “Next” you’ll be viewing the entire last week’s issue, exactly like it came to you via email. Click next again and you’ll be reading the issue from two weeks ago. We’ll try to stay in that same rhythm for the sake of those who prefer things nice and tidy like that. :-) (You can already go back to mid-May using that approach, before things get jumbled from our former practice of using various numbers of items in a single issue.)

8) I’m a Big Etnopedia Fan

I’m a big fan of Etnopedia…

It’s an editable website on the ethnic peoples of the world from a Christian perspective. There are 2003 unique people profiles in English with more being added every month. Crowd-sourcing like this maximizes what we can learn about the world — and it’s all free.

9) Remember: Scoggins “Phases” and His Books are Golden

Every once and awhile, I have to remind myself to go check out Dick Scoggins’ “8 Phases of Church-Planting.” See the summary here…

With more details available here…

He’s actually got a total treasure trove of other resources there on his site, so click around until you get the big picture. I guess, most recently, he isn’t publishing his “Phases” in the PDF form, with granular detail like he did before. In some ways, that might be a loss — but I’m just GUESSING that someone told him “it never really happens sequentially like that,” and maybe by publishing it in detail, sequentially, some people were loading up with false expectations? That’s the only reason I can figure — because it was a great resource as a downloadable PDF. Just in case you missed downloading them back when they were previously available :-) , here’s a copy we’ve archived for your viewing (and church-planting) pleasure:

10) If you like Stats, and Countries, You’ll like this

If you’re a stats junkie, and you are interested in global stuff, RUN, don’t walk, over to…

I’m always fascinated by all the different views. Check out the religious stats at…

The thing is, we used to see PORTIONs of this kind of thing in big fat volumes of heavy encyclopedias, available only in big libraries. Now, we can see them on our laptops and iPads at our dining room table. And it’s all free! [shaking my head] Go figure. What a way to put WorldBook (encyclopedia) out of business though. :-)

13) We Get Support from…

Training for Reigning Institute of Disciple-making (TRIDM), teaching pastors and key leaders in Third World countries to fulfill the great Commission by building disciples who make disciples with total world impact in view. God bless TRIDM for their $100 gift to world evangelism through Brigada! Read more about them at…

14) The BackPage: Finishing the Task: the Network

There’s the biblical mandate of finishing the task, and then there’s also the specifically-named network, Finishing the Task (FTT), led by Paul Eshleman. You can learn more about FTT here…

and learn more about Dr. Eshleman here…

FTT has a very specific and strategic direction. Read more about their people group list here…

You can also download the list on that page. As you’ll see, they basically size up a population, estimate the number of workers needed to sufficiently proclaim the gospel there, then campaign for workers (especially in the unengaged groups) until enough workers register with them for that group. I’m sure there are folks who feel it’s too much like an engineered approach (Ralph Winter’s degree was in engineering, by the way), but my take is — his way of doing it is a whole lot better than lots of other people’s way of NOT doing it. So I try to attend his working group every year. There are usually around 50 of us or so, and every year, it’s thrilling to hear the progress being made by folks from lots of different agencies and churches. So study the list, pray, and let’s hope that by adding fuel to the fire, we can jointly change the population of Hell and move destinies into Heaven.

15) Closing Stuff

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