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Brigada Today– 2013/08/25

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In this edition:
1) What are we Learning about Facebooking Unreached Peoples?
2) Spot (Satellite Beacon) Messenger Brings out Gen 3, Rebate
3) Looking Forward to Hearing how GMHC Africa Went
4) What’s Your Favorite Group Texting Solution?
5) Aquaponics: I Don’t Want Watered-Down Training!
6) Destination Zero, Minneapolis, October 22-25, 2013
7) Take CHE Online Beginning Sept. 11
8) Free Interactive Gospel App for Smartphones
9) We Get Mail
10) Brigada Makes
11) What if Textbooks Went Open-Source?
12) Easybibles.Com Has Made Two Important Strides Forward
13) We’re Grateful…
14) BackPage: Teamwork, in Action, in Baby Grand Form
15) Closing Stuff

1) What are we Learning about Facebooking Unreached Peoples?


I’m fascinated by Dan Scribner’s article about using Facebook ads to address (directly) unreached peoples. See his article, which was adapted from

with permission, by browsing here…

It’s a fascinating concept and one which deserves a lot more study. Have you seen anything written up on this before (exactly this approach)? If so, can you point us to any resources? If so, please use the comment box that follows the web version of this item at the link below. Thanks in advance for any help, and Dan, thanks for your vision!

2) Spot (Satellite Beacon) Messenger Brings out Gen 3, Rebate

gen3If you’ve been waiting until just the right time to buy a Spot Messenger, the time might be now. Check out the new generation at…

Note the $50 rebate if you buy before the end of Sept. What this means is that for under $100, you can have more sophisticated power options, continuous tracking or motion-activated tracking, and a longer battery life. You can find these beacons at any one of several vendors, including Cabela’s, REI, and Bass Pro Shops.

5) Aquaponics: I Don’t Want Watered-Down Training!

I’m sure you can imagine — I don’t want watered-down training for my aquaponics class. So, in your opinion, what’s the best place to gear up for growing fish (or veggies) in a barrel or a gutter, now that Aquaculture International is out of business. Would it be


or another site?

Would you send please click “Comment” below and let’s get to the bottom of this. “Tanks!”

6) Destination Zero, Minneapolis, October 22-25, 2013

1100 of the 2100 Muslim unreached peoples of the world have no one from the Global Church resident, long-term, using their language, and intent on catalyzing a disciple-making movement among them. How we hope we are wrong in this, but in the meantime, we’re praying, believing, and working to see that number move from 1100 to 0 in God’s soonest time. What are the obstacles to such new engagements? What best practices have we uncovered so far? What might next be attempted in His Name? This first ever conversation of this scale in Canada and the United States is designed for senior and missions pastors, agency leaders, and all missions advocates for the Muslim world. Please consider

Use password, getengaged

7) Take CHE Online Beginning Sept. 11

Better sign up soon though. It starts next week! Just browse to…

You get affordable course tuition: just $25. Of course, with the NT slant, as much as 1/3 of the content is shifted to fit the context in the USA. But I’ve done this Neighborhood Transformation version and you can probably adapt it to your overseas situation, especially if you’re working in an urban location. Hope to see you in the class!

8) Free Interactive Gospel App for Smartphones

It’s called “Gospel in 7” or simply, the ‘G7’ App. With it, designers say you can share a clear Gospel message in an interesting and loving way. It is said to be visually appealing, work well cross-culturally, has no jargon, is easy to use, is customizable and interactive. See this video for an overview of the App’s unique features here:

Search for G7 or Gospel in 7 in the Google Play or iTunes Stores to get it on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet today and revolutionize the way you communicate the Gospel!

9) We Get Mail

Every once and awhile, someone will write with a really nice note of encouragement. For instance, this came in last week from Ventura, California: “Just wanted you to know that I was out of town for a few weeks so I just caught up on reading Brigada. Thank you so much for this amazing resource! Every time I read it – I learn something new, or I’m connected to a new ministry tool. I appreciate the India Prayer Guide – as I was not familiar with this tool and one of our focuses is on reaching Hindus in N. India. Also appreciate the links to the Storying resources. Just wanted you to know that you are making a difference for us mobilizers!”

Brigada reader,
Ventura, CA

God be praised!

11) What if Textbooks Went Open-Source?

That’s what Brigada participant, Greg, is asking, too. He shared this story with us, this past week…

Actually, it’s a fascinating prospect, eh? All you’d need is your iPad or ultrabook and you’d be in business, even for university. Think of the money you’d save, and think of the rain forest that would be making oxygen. :-) And next, what if all Bibles went open source? That would simplify things so much, plus save on our back strains (carrying around heavy textbooks)!

12) Easybibles.Com Has Made Two Important Strides Forward

All printing will now be done in the nations concerned, and following an enthusiastic response to the African ‘easyBibles’ conference in April 2014 in Lilongwe, Malawi; a similar Conference for Asia is proposed for later in 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Printing locally will save postage costs, avoid damage and delays and help with local employment and enable a stronger link between field-testing and further printing.

So far, Malayi, Zambia, DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Sudan all wish to be represented at Lilongwe 2 more countries than managed to get to Kabwe. More information contact Martin…


14) BackPage: Teamwork, in Action, in Baby Grand Form

What are some great examples of teamwork for you? I love watching these “Piano guys” at work. Check ’em out at…

I like it because everyone knows his role and he does it with precision and appreciation for the overall sound. I love it that they don’t seem dejected if they have a smaller “bit part” (like closing the lid on the piano? What kind of music does THAT make?).

But I also like it because, together, they accomplish more than any one of them could have done if taken separately — the definition of synergy. That’s the way all good teams should function, if they’re worth their salt.

Finally, I love it that it sounds GREAT! In other words, they’re all skilled — and if you take their efforts as a group, the outcome is fantastic. Great teams are actually more than great attitudes, although attitudes are super important. COMPETENCY matters too… and that’s probably a factor in your team too.

What models or examples of great teamwork have you seen lately? (Just click on “Comment” below, then enter your video. We’ll look forward to your input. (Thanks, All, for the tip-off on Piano Guys!)

15) Closing Stuff

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Brigada Today– 2013/08/11

Search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives — 100% ad-free due to gifts from True Fans of Brigada

In this edition:
1) Velvet Ashes reaches Fundly Goal for Women in Missions
2) Johnson University and Forge: Partnership in Missional Leadership
3) Free Prayer Guide Download for 1 Billion Souls
4) Learn to Launch a Disciple-Making Movement
5) Brigada Search Engine: Find a Needle in a Haystack
6) Need a Great Logo? Want a Smartphone App? Remember 99Designs
7) Finish the Task Conference
8) Central Asia in North America
9) Smartr Contacts App Sold to Yahoo
10) Have a Heart For Indonesia?
11) New Team Member at Insurance Consultants International
12) Looking for a Summer Internship? Check out Team Expansion
13) Use to Build Community in Your Subdivision
14) The BackPage: In Your Lifetime, Malaria no More?
15) Closing Stuff

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