5) Aquaponics: I Don’t Want Watered-Down Training!

I’m sure you can imagine — I don’t want watered-down training for my aquaponics class. So, in your opinion, what’s the best place to gear up for growing fish (or veggies) in a barrel or a gutter, now that Aquaculture International is out of business. Would it be




or another site?

Would you send please click “Comment” below and let’s get to the bottom of this. “Tanks!”

3 Responses to 5) Aquaponics: I Don’t Want Watered-Down Training!
  1. Pierre van Wyk Reply

    Aquaculture Innovations is most probably the best Aquaculture Training resource in Southern Africa. It is managed by Christians. You can also check out our own resource page at http://www.goandproclaim.co.za/aquaponics-and-aquaculture.php

  2. Nick Nichols Reply

    Another good source of Aquaponic information is from http://aquaponicsjournal.com/index.php They have been around since the mid nineties and have a number of good education projects.

  3. John Buntain Reply

    If you want to know anything about Aquaponics….. you need to go to http://www.backyardaquaponics.com

    The people on the forum will answer any question you have. They are a great bunch of people from around the world that have been doing aquaponics for a long time.

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