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1) We’ve Moved!!!

If you’re accustomed to sending a financial gift to 11327 Jefferson Trace, please make a note of our new address:
Brigada/Team Expansion
13711 Willow Reed Dr.
Louisville, KY 40299

We appreciate you!!! And thanks for the grace while we moved.

2) Africa Conference for 2013 is taking shape

easybiblesThe folks at are excited to report that plans are progressing well for their upcoming Africa conference. Learn more at…

or email mlloyd3000atgmaildotcom .


The planning team requests your prayers as the conference approaches.

4) Asia’s Center for TESOL classes in Chiang Mai

TESOLIf you can get to Thailand, you can learn and certify (honored by Cornerstone University of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in an intensive, five-week course. For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4. For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening. Course dates for Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2013 are August 12- September 13 and November 11 – December 13.

For more info, contact Melody…
infothaiatactesoldotcom or browse

5) Wellspring Retreat

Are you burned out? Tired? Feeling spiritually disconnected? Pick up at the 2nd annual Wellspring Retreat, designed and led by the Well staff, for those engaged in cross-cultural ministry. Wellspring is a safe, supportive, peaceful place to rest, renew, share your journey in a small group and individually with a counselor, and re-connect with God. A children’s program is also offered. Wellspring is held at Horizon Village and Resort, a luxurious accommodation situated in an extensive botanical garden several kilometers east of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Registration is limited to 20 adults and 20 children so registrar early! The conference runs from Nov. 10 – Nov. 16. For registration and more information go to

title="http://wellatthewellcmdotcom" href="http://wellatthewellcmdotcom" target="_blank">http://wellatthewellcmdotcom

But act before the deadline — October 21. For more info, contact Nancy

7) Short-term Missions Webinars

DELTA Ministries is pleased to announce a series of webinars beginning August 20th that will help you get the most out of your short-term mission trip. Whether you have come back from your trip and don’t know what to do next or are preparing for a mission trip, these webinars are for you. The webinars have limited number of participants, are highly interactive, and customized to answer your questions and meet your needs. For more information, please email Tory at
toryratdeltaministriesdotcom . You can find out more about the webinars or sign up at:

8) Try this App to Communicate with your Contacts While On the Go

Daniel wrote this past week to make us aware of a newly-upgraded app called Smartr Contacts. The truth is, I’ve been using it for 6 months or so, but haven’t said much about it. Glad Daniel was there to bump it up front and center. Get the feel of it in this video that Daniel mentioned…

Find it in your smartphone’s application marketplace. And thanks to Daniel for the encouragement. After reminding us of the app, he went on to add, “People think I am a geek and tech-savvy, but it is only because I browse Brigada regularly. Your work has been a major blessing to our missionary church-planting efforts here in Europe.” [Bless you Daniel, for your encouragement.]

11) Pandas, in Living Color, “Live” and Coming to your Screen

I know, I know. We’re supposed to be talking about missions. But every once and awhile, we feature something just because it’s fun. And is fun!

Click on the link in the upper left-hand corner, labeled Give the buffering time to catch up and — bam — live pictures of pandas in China.

Ain’t it a wonder. :-)

12) Take CHE Online; Is it possible?

Now we know. It is. Just browse to…

Much more affordable for the course tuition; just $25. Pretty much the CHE course you always wanted, with, perhaps, as much as 1/3 content shifted to fit the context in the USA. But I’ve done this Neighborhood Transformation version and you can probably adapt it to your overseas situation, especially if you’re working in an urban location.

13) We give thanks!…

*** For friends at World Outreach, for giving to Christ through Brigada, thereby prioritizing unreached peoples and world evangelism, along with resources, trends and more. Thank you for the $200 gift! And for…
*** A $40.47 from Insurance Services of America, on the web at…

They provide insurance plans for those who need international health, and travel insurance, as well as those who want to be reimbursed if their travel plans change or are interrupted by anything in any way. I’ve had to collect before — and it works.

If you’d like to join in with a gift or gifts to undergird Brigada, just navigate to …

then click “Donate” in the upper right and follow the instructions. By the way, you don’t need a PayPal account to give. If you reach a screen asking for your PayPal I.D., look on the left side of the screen, about halfway down, and find the prompt which says, “Continue without a PayPal Account.” If you’d rather send an old-fashioned check, just make it payable to Team Expansion and send it to:
Team Expansion (Brigada),
13711 Willow Reed Drive
Louisville, KY 40299
(And by the way, Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.)

14) The BackPage: “Believing is only the beginning”

I’m reading Richard Stearns’ [relatively] new book, “Unfinished.” (It’s published 2013 by Thomas Nelson. But, since we can Google a book title and author these days, do publishers and dates really matter anymore? I guess if there are multiple editions of the same book — and you’re seeking a particular edition? Anyway, I digress.) He begins at a starting point that seems so critical for today’s era: Do we really believe? And does faith matter?

Here’s my theory: It all starts with a clarion call to faith. If we don’t sort out the belief card, nothing else matters. We can’t establish the priority of the Good News. We can’t lay a foundation of absolute truth. We can’t clarify what happens after we die.

Bottom line: If we don’t share a common faith, we’re toast.

The bad news is — we can no longer assume a common faith. Take Britain for instance. As recently as 2001, 71.7% claimed to be Christian in Britain. As of the end of 2011, that number had fallen to 59.3%. By contrast, the overall number of Muslims, taken among all ages, climbed from 3% to 4.8%. True: Much of that rise was due to an influx of foreign born. [See ] But a closer look reveals that among younger populations, the number of Muslims has now climbed to 10%! [ ]

We could provide THOUSANDS of stats to support this same trend, in so many other lands that were historically Christian. My conclusion: I’m convinced that Stearns’ beginning point must become a starting point for practically everything we do. Please understand: I’m not calling his a crisis of faith. Rather, it’s a CANYON of faith. It’s empty. Void. And we’d better address it.

Your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Just click in the comment box following the online version of this item at the link below. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

15) Closing Stuff

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